Hortons: The Next Generation

It’s been a banner week for the grandchildren of Bill Horton, huh?

You have Abigail, taking bold steps into Actual Interesting Storyline-ville:

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 8.24.46 AM

To which I say: get it, girl. This is so overdue. It’s maybe a little leap to believe she would have jumped into bed with EJ that quickly, but honestly? Whatever. I can buy that, after losing her virginity, she’s feeling empowered and wants more and whatnot.

I’ve long been an advocate of pairing Abigail with either Philip Kiriakis or Nicholas Alamain — someone a little older, suave, worldly. And this involves her in something beyond those dreadfully tepid “romances” with Chad and Cameron. I’m so in. I know the rabid “EJami” fans are losing it and are already attacking Kate Mansi on social media (Memo: She is an actress doing her job and did not actually get in the middle of a real-life couple!), but I have never been one to fixate on fictional couples, and also, this could actually be an interesting storyline, which is what I care about as a viewer of a television program rather than a person concerned about the rocky relationship of actual people (which EJ and Sami are not). The show has done a solid job of setting up, over the last year, how EJ equates sex with power and how important sex is to his relationship with Sami — so it follows that, when she’s withholding it, he feels compelled to make a move like this.

Bonus: we get to watch months of EJ and Abigail pulling one another aside, ten feet away from everyone they know, to bark about how “No one can find out about what happened!!!” in the loudest whisper possible. And that doesn’t even get into how many times Sami will walk in on them and declare that she “knows what’s going on here!”

Meanwhile, her cousin Will got a new face.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 8.36.47 AM

I remember watching Charity Rahmer’s first episode as Belle in 2004. It was as if she were entirely unfamiliar with the concepts of English, speech, and physical movement, to the point where you could see her pausing in the middle of her phonetically recited lines to remember to place her hand to her chest. All I could think was, “Oh my god. They either have to kill Belle off or I have to stop watching this show.”

My point is that Guy Wilson (the new Will) seems capable of speaking his lines and moving his body at the same time. So it’s a win.

The backlash against Wilson — months before he ever aired — has been atrocious, and again, it’s largely attributable to over-invested fans of a couple (this time, Will and Sonny). For some reason, the fact that Chandler Massey decided to leave the show has been glossed over and twisted into some narrative about how he was fired for Wilson, how the couple and the show no longer deserve anyone’s support, etc. Again: actor doing a job. I can’t say I was blown away by Wilson during his first episode, but his Will seems more mature than Massey’s, in a way that might be beneficial to the character. I really enjoyed Massey as Will (aside from the inappropriate smirking phase he went through), and I don’t really think he’s been “phoning it in” to nearly the degree that his detractors have accused, but I’m hopeful that Wilson’s interpretation will be a nice progression for the character. I didn’t see dazzling chemistry with the co-stars he shared scenes with, but that can sometimes come with time, and it didn’t feel like a void, either.

His hair, of course, looks terrible, which is par for the course, so it looks like he’s part of the Days family already!

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14 Comments on “Hortons: The Next Generation”

  1. I wrote this somewhere after the sex scenes; For the first time I’m actually looking forward to the endless flashbacks and loud talks about never mentioning the sex, WHILE constantly mentioning they had sex.

    Of course, Days didn’t disappoint.

    EJabby flashback count: 5!

    The fake out with Jennifer was awesome! EJ fixing himself in the mirror when Harold told him “Ms. Deveraux” was there. EJ looking like he was going to shit himself while Jennifer berated him.

    Oh and Jen, Sami knows better than anyone what kind man EJ is. So just doesn’t care. The best part was this week all of Sami’s men were with beautiful women while she was away. I hope Lucas/Rafe reject her after the reveal. She kind of deserves that.

    I kind of hope Theresa is the one that exposes the sex. This would take Abby vs Theresa to Nicole/Sami and Jennifer/Eve levels. I like their little rivalry.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I was dying at Jennifer and EJ having like a ten-minute conversation where neither one would specify what they were talking about. “I’m going to tell everyone what you’ve done!” “I never meant to do the thing that I did!” So Days.

      Theresa exposing this could be FUN. I like how you think.

  2. eramer Says:

    My favorite part about EJ and Abby was the porno music with over-the-top moaning instead of singing. I mean really, the moaning lady in the background sounded like she was having more fun than Abby.

    As much as I liked Chandler as Will, I am SO GLAD I will no longer have to watch him rubbing his eyes. It was so distracting.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yeah, the eye-rubbing was getting weird. He picked up a lot of strange ticks. He also felt like a real young man as opposed to an actor, which I did often appreciate.

      WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT MUSIC?! It was worse than that “It’s getting hoooooottttttt” song they used when Carrie and Rafe’s AC went out (in January).

  3. Joanna Says:

    Bring on the stage whispers! I love it so much when Salemites walk into a scene and announce they “know exactly what’s going on here”. Hahaha. I am thrilled that Abigail finally has a decent storyline. Glad that Will was recast instead of written off. I like that Will/Sonny have become a major couple and are now tied into the whole Nick cover-up.

  4. Shell Says:

    Oh yeah, that music was hilarious! I think I blocked it out; it was just so weird. Very happy about a scandal where both parties involved are wrong. Eric was just along for a drugged ride.

  5. fluffysmom Says:

    I am looking forward to seeing what happens between EJ and Abby. Will they end up in bed again? I’m glad to see Abby in an interesting storyline finally.

  6. Dylan Says:

    Also, Marlena and Maggie had a conversation today! Craziness..

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