The Man With No Past

If you’ll indulge me, I think I’ll paraphrase Monday’s show:

“Hey, remember that sloppy, boring story from six years ago that took over the show and has barely been mentioned since? Turns out it was all a joke! Anyway, let’s talk about Daniel.”

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 7.58.01 AM

And just like that — in a 30-second soliloquy from Hope, reporting on a phone call she received — another John Black backstory goes kaput. This was such a non-event that all I could do was laugh. John found out offscreen that Colleen Brady had been duped and that her real son with Santo DiMera was long dead, so now he and Brady aren’t DiMeras or Bradys… since that stuff has been soooo relevant to story in recent years, right? I don’t really mind, in the sense that this backstory never really clicked anyway, and they barely used it at all; since the Robo-John story of 2008, I think this lineage has been mentioned exactly once (toward the end of MarDar’s reign in 2012, around the time of Stefano’s “murder”). So, whatever. And I do appreciate how this current regime is bothering to clean up all these random loose ends.

But also, are they going to try and cram John into yet another backstory now? They’ve been changing this guy’s history every few years for almost three decades. Look:

1985-86: He’s Roman Brady with a new face (and taller, and hairier).
1991-92: He’s Forrest Alamain, Lawrence’s presumed-dead brother.
2002: He’s still Forrest Alamain but also the son of Daphne DiMera, making him and Tony half-brothers.
2007: He’s actually Ryan Brady, the child Colleen and Santo conceived together — and Stefano’s half-brother.
2014: JK! LOL!

Did I miss any? It’s such a joke at this point. Any guesses on what was behind this move? Is it so they can put Brady with Theresa?

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11 Comments on “The Man With No Past”

  1. It was such a stupid thing to do in the first place. It made Brady (and Belle) related to every family. It left Brady stuck with random newbie love interests no one cared about. I’m happy about it. I can get behind Brady and Theresa.

    I do find it hilarious with these chronically older women (Abby & Theresa) being with the over SORAS males (EJ & Brady).

    Whenever someone mentions their age difference, I’m always like well technically…

    Theresa: Born September 3rd, 1990.
    Abby: October 19th, 1992.
    Brady: May 19, 1992.
    EJ: February 21, 1997

    Side note: It also freed up Claire. That poor baby was apparently, Brady, DiMera, Kiriakis, Black and Horton. Now she’s only (blood) Kiriakis, Black and Horton.

    For Santos and Colleen’s son, Liam is an Irish name. There’s also a new character named Aiden being introduced. Two men with Irish names coming onto the canvas around this time. hmmm.

    • Shell Says:

      Oohhh good reasoning on the newcomers. Brady and Theresa would be really fun, now that u mention it. He needs a sassy, lively person with some snark. Theresa is kinda mean, but I love her anyway!

      • mykleraus Says:

        I’ll need to see more of them. I like Theresa, but her whole “Get Jennifer” scheme is boring to me because I’m not sure why she hates her SO much. Shifting her to another story might be good — and I do like her with JJ.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I hadn’t thought about Claire, but you’re right! This really un-screws her (so to speak).

      Liam and Aiden both SEEM like they’d be too young to be “Ryan Brady,” but stupider things have happened (like Stefano and John apparently being only a few years apart in age…).

  2. Shell Says:

    Yes! I had to rewind because I was rummaging in the kitchen and heard mutterings of “you’re not a Brady”. Huh? I love how nonchalant Hope was. Oh yeah, by the way, your fam ain’t ya fam. Suck on that druggie. K love u bye-bye!” What the thing??? They do the strangest story lines off camera, no? I’m waiting for the episode where an extra casually mentions to another extra that Maggie Horton’s funeral was beautiful, and then they cut to gabby folding laundry and hyperventilating. Oh, alright, exaggeration, but really days! Aside from that strange major-story-non story-aside, how awesome have the last couple weeks been? The murder story line has been so fun, because it pulled lots of people together. I’m digging Eric as the torn and tortured priest. Nicole even makes Daniel fun. I mean, relatively. Daniel and Jennifer have virtually no screen time and I kinda love Theresa and Anne’s plotting. I didn’t expect to like ej and Abby but…. I totally did. I think it is just that James Scott clicks with just about everybody. (Taylor never happened). I mean I was once halfway through my fan fic, shipping ej and the chess piece he touched before I calmed down. And u are totally right about him being in suits too often. Does wardrobe not realize that jeans on that man are just perfect? So, having mostly fun with days ATM.

    • mykleraus Says:

      It was SO random and bizarre. “Hey btw, let me walk in and undo some history before I go back to keeping the scissors away from Ciara.”

      The Nick storyline has been great, IMO. It’s campy and fun and yet still has high stakes. It feels like the good things about 90s Days (elevated suspense, lots of soap tropes) without everyone behaving like a braindead zombie. I’m loving it.

  3. fluffysmom Says:

    It was so random that Hope would walk in and tell Brady the news. I think it would have made more sense coming from Victor. Brady seemed to have forgotten he was part DiMera.

    John’s next back story will probably be that he’s Daniel’s older half brother.

  4. Nicole Says:

    I am waiting with baited breath on a post about Ejabby and all the hysterically paranoid bs that will go down between now and the reveal of the affair. Pls tell me that is coming?

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