The Case of the Non-Horton Ornament

Folks, we have a Christmas mystery!

I thought I was seeing things, but I went back and reviewed the Christmas episode, and I swear there’s an ornament that says “Stephanie” on it. Look:


Jason47’s site confirms this little bit of weirdness. (By the way, if you don’t visit his site, get to it! It’s the most comprehensive, amazing Days resource I have ever seen.)

But this is super-strange, right? Stephanie didn’t actually get an ornament during the one Christmas (2010) when she was engaged to Nathan. They’ve done this before — a Carrie ornament popped up after she left town with Mike, even though they weren’t married when they left and we never heard about an offscreen marriage. Who knows — maybe Stephanie met up with that lunkhead Jeremy and got back together with him, and they reconnected over the brilliance of Touch The Sky Airlines? (Just kidding!)

Also, it makes me happy to see David and Scotty’s ornaments. If those didn’t make it onscreen for Christmas anymore, I would seriously think that Julie’s entire branch of the family had ceased to exist.

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