What Happened in Salem: Week of December 23rd

The Hortons celebrated Christmas with their annual ornament-hanging ceremony, and Sami celebrated her every-six-months ritual of covering up a murder…

EJ confronted Sami with the “N.F.” tag that he found down by the river, and she had to come clean about what happened to Nick. EJ dragged her back to the river to clean up any lingering evidence and also because they have to get their money’s worth out of that set. (Coming up next: Jennifer decides to hold the next Book Club meeting by the river so the ladies can commune with nature! Will insists on holding Arianna’s birthday party down by the river–cue panicked hysterics from Gabi, which she insists are because she forgot to pay the cable bill!) A mysterious figure watched Sonny and Gabi at the Town Square and then outside the apartment. Inside the apartment, they loudly discussed Nick’s murder. Gabi received a text from Sami telling her to burn her coat, but when she went to fetch it, she was shocked to find Will reliving his 2011 by hanging out in the closet, ostensibly having overheard them. Meanwhile, Sami and EJ seemed to find Nick’s corpse floating in the river!

Read the rest to find out What Happened in Salem this week!

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2 Comments on “What Happened in Salem: Week of December 23rd”

  1. Erin L. Says:

    I am really hoping that Nick’s body was another figment of Sami’s imagination because it will be so much better when he re-appears alive and crazy to make their lives a living hell. Of course Sami having to move a month old (is that how long it has been now? I can’t keep up with time on this show) water logged body might be disgustingly entertaining.

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