R.I.P., Days

No, Days of Our Lives has not been cancelled… but it has done the surest thing a daytime television program can do to ensure such a fate.

They cast Daniel Cosgrove!


For the unaware, he played Bill Lewis on Guiding Light in its final years… and then, after it was cancelled, he moved to As the World Turns, where he took over the role of Chris Hughes… and after that show was canned, he returned to All My Children to play Scott, a part he’d played in the late 90s.

Guess why he left All My Children? Yep. Cancelled.

I actually have fond feelings toward Cosgrove, mostly because of his appearances on Dirty Sexy Money (remember that show?) and in Ryan Reynolds’s seminal film Van Wilder (in which he had to rush out of an important exam to go shit explosively in a trashcan after being slipped a major laxative). But this seems like a terrible idea, right? Like, they are asking for it. I’m concerned.

Also, it seems he’s going to be playing someone named “Aiden,” which is both a name I like and a name that reeks of Generic Soap Hunk. I don’t really know what they need another guy in that age range for, considering that we have Brady, Eric, EJ, Rafe, Daniel, Lucas, and this new dullard Liam the Pharmaceutical Rep… but maybe he’s the guy Jordan is running from and will have an intro more exciting than, “Hey, have you met Liam? He’s very nice.”

I’m skeptical, though.

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4 Comments on “R.I.P., Days”

  1. UnderYourWing Says:


  2. Dan Says:

    I really enjoyed Cosgrove first go on “Guiding Light.” I thought his pairing with DAYS’ own Crystal Chappell was great and his rivalry with Grant Alexander’s Phillip could have carried the story for years. Instead, David Kriezman decided to kill Phillip and put Bill and Olivia in storyline limbo for the next year or so before Cosgrove left. When Cosgrove returned, I wasn’t watching much, but I found Marcy Ryland insipid as Lizzie and had no use for new improved and much darker Bill.

    I’m looking forward to Cosgrove coming on, but “Days of our Lives” reminds me of the old radio soaps in their final days wrangling really strong talent after all the other shows have fallen. I hope Aiden doesn’t turn out to be a bust.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I think DC has a wit that Days would be smart to utilize. We have enough nice-ish guys, seriously. And there are SO many men in that age range. We need some ladies to beef up that group, too.

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