I Know What You Did Last Winter

I figured out how they were able to afford that river set, with its luxurious running water: they are now obligated to flash back to it for at least three minutes of every episode from now until THE END OF TIME.

That bit of complaining out of the way, I am loving these three covering up Nick’s “m-word.”

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 10.17.59 AM

It’s just complete lunacy, in a totally delightful way. Gabi is constantly on the verge of shitting her pants, Sami is throwing shade at Kate wherever possible, and that bird-watcher spent an entire hour faking them out about what he “saw” and “knew.”  This is some classic Days of Our Lives craziness. What stranger goes out of his way to make a comment like, “I’m surprised you have such a nice purse, young lady, since you were clinging to that backpack so tightly”?! Why is Sami barking at everyone about how they have to HAVE SOME TEA, like she’s Jennifer circa 2004? It’s all just so over-the-top and fun.

And then you have great little moments to balance it out, like Rafe telling Jordan about baby Grace, and this really left-field softer stuff between Abigail and EJ (which, are they going there? I don’t think I’m mad at it). I keep waiting for the bottom to fall out every time one big story ends, but it hasn’t happened yet. Christmas miracle indeed.

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6 Comments on “I Know What You Did Last Winter”

  1. UnderYourWing Says:

    ok i know this is fantasy soap stuff but that bird watcher old man is too much….who in their right minds ( not that these 3 are) would put up with much less engage with some stupid old man they don’t even freaking know at all??
    he is a useless stupid addition to this storyline. totally uncalled for or needed. or wanted….. aaarrggghhhh. then again maybe he is another relative they wanted to give some screen time to?? if he is on again i will throw my TV in the middle of the street.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I get why they need him — someone has to have seen them in the woods so that they can eventually get caught — but the character is SO hilariously over-the-top. Who is this British guy just sauntering around the woods in the midwest in December?! And why is he so damn nosy? Better than Roman gargling, “What da hell were you doing in da woods? I shaw you, Shami!”

      • UnderYourWing Says:

        why didn’t they just let the kid find nicks wallet with the ginormous initials in the bushes instead of the earring then??

        that would have been way better…sami would have found her earring, everyone would have heaved a huge sigh of relief thinking they were in the clear
        then the kid would snatch up the wallet or whatever it is they had no clue about anyway and……there you go…months of annoying whose got the wallet –when will Anyone Else find out they– do between the children i so love (not) fooling around with the damn thing,… and everyone in Salem ALMOST seeing it or finding it but nooooo…..like the porn filled flash drive circus….. and whatever SeeEra had ripped off from her mommy’s office and kept hidden in that damn backpack of hers for so long……. then again that old fart Does have an English accent kinda…..hmmmmmm
        EJ is the only other one who does………i wonder……..

      • mykleraus Says:

        The wallet would have made sense! Haha. I just get such a kick out of this ridiculous fixating on random objects.

  2. Erin L. Says:

    Yes! EJ and Abigail! I would love if Crazy Abigail would come back! Crazy Abigail stealing Crazier Sami’s man!? Oh the possibilities! Dear Days, Please make this a thing!

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