November Preview

November is already half-over, and our favorite Salemites have already disgraced St. Luke’s once again with their usual behavior, but here’s an extended NBC promo of what else is coming up during November sweeps.

Er, probably don’t watch if you don’t like to be spoiled. Discussion behind the cut.

I have Thoughts, you guys.

  • While I’m sort of disappointed they’re officially taking Nick down Psycho Avenue again, it’s consistent with who he has been since before he went to prison, and he works as an antagonist for that crowd. It doesn’t appear that he actually rapes Gabi, but even the attempt should bring up some insightful discussion of the way he was violated in prison; I’ll be disappointed if they gloss over that. I’m not going to get preemptively pissed about it, though, because they handled both Nick’s rape and Eric’s in surprisingly sensitive ways.
  • I wonder if Gabi kills Nick. They’ve been much more tight-lipped about casting news of late, but Blake Berris has really been hanging on the sidelines in the past few months (I would estimate that, oh, 75% of his scenes have been him at a computer or on one-way phone calls), so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re writing him out. I like him as a performer and I find Nick compelling, but I also don’t think it’s a huge loss if they write him out and get story out of it as a result. We shall see.
  • Kimberly and Shane! Kim looks good. And it appears the Bradys are holding an intervention for Theresa.
  • Nice to see that Kate’s paranoia and vague threats haven’t grown repetitive or tiresome. Oh wait…
  • I’m so, so interested in the fallout for Eric/Marlena, Maggie/Victor, and others in the wake of the wedding scandal.
  • No Daniel or Jennifer?! Is there even a Salem without their blessed love?

All in all, this looks good. Somebody had better wear something hideous, stat, or I might run out of things to mock!

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2 Comments on “November Preview”

  1. Gary Himes Says:

    No Dannifer? Looks like Santa brought my present early this year!

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