Remember, Remember, the 8th of November

What better way to celebrate your 48th birthday than with the public disgrace of a sex tape being broadcast (twice) in a church?

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Days‘ last anniversary came not long after Tomlin & Whitesell returned to the show, and it served as a pretty solid State of the Union. Nicole’s lies were revealed in the Horton living room, and while it wasn’t perfect, it showed a clear dedication to building arcs and providing satisfying climaxes to them. A year later, that promise has just about been realized.

I can’t even deal with how fun Brady and Kristen’s shitshow of a wedding was. Of course Brady decided that he needed to show a video tribute to Kristen during the ceremony (what was it, a bunch of clips of her muttering to herself in the living room and near a park bench?). Of course the AV tech had to jet to “another wedding” and just left some random lady in charge of the controls for the event he had been hired to work. Of course Marlena had to spend ten minutes fumbling around every time she was required to press a damn button. I seriously never get enough of all her frazzled huffing and puffing.

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And then there was the aftermath.

I genuinely appreciate how they’re portraying Eric as a real, devastated rape victim. Greg Vaughn does such a great job of playing him as this innocent who tries his best to be non-judgmental and to rise above his family’s history, and he seems absolutely rocked by having been sucked into this mess and having been violated in this way. I wanted more of Kristen in that church, begging Brady not to leave her — though I was delighted by her insane denials and her declarations that “These people shouldn’t be subjected to this filth!” — but it makes sense that the church stuff was so focused on Eric, because so many of the people in that room love him and don’t give two shits about Kristen, nor are they surprised she’d do something like this.

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 2.14.32 PM

On the flip side, there’s the hilarity of all these people sitting in a damn church just staring at this sex tape, not blinking or anything. Maggie didn’t even take her eyes off the screen while she asked Victor, “What’s going on?”

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 2.14.25 PM

(On that note, I want to know who all the other people at the wedding were. Brady and Kristen’s coworkers whom they never see because they never go to work?)

There was just so much good stuff. I loved Kristen accusing Marlena of having doctored the video, and Victor being such a stone-cold asshole about everything, and how this sets up rifts between Victor/Maggie, Victor/Marlena, and Marlena/Eric. I loved how they used Jennifer and Hope in a supporting capacity. I loved Brady punching Eric even though it was a completely ridiculous thing to do.

Happy birthday, Days. Here’s to many more… although maybe St. Luke’s should stop allowing any of these people to pass through its doors.


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3 Comments on “Remember, Remember, the 8th of November”

  1. fluffysmom Says:

    It was a great episode. I love all of the drama for so many people. Just wait until it comes out that EJ knew the truth and kept it from Sami.

  2. UnderYourWing Says:

    it was not a wedding– it was a dreading…….can’t wait for todays show!

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