Appropriate As Always

Sami’s getup for the Video Music Awards sure looks good!

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 7.10.05 AM

Oh wait. This is what she selected to be best woman at her stepbrother/second cousin/soon-to-be double brother-in-law’s wedding. Because that’s always the right choice for a family wedding ceremony in a church: leather.

This wedding stuff has been delicious so far, though. The Brady/Sami/Eric bonding scenes beforehand were terrific, EJ tearing into Kristen about what she did was so satisfying, and the whole setup of Victor putting Marlena in the unknowing position of screwing over her own son — so good. Bonus: I was dying at Marlena fumbling with the AV setup and how Brady was ready to storm down the aisle and do it himself. I can’t wait to see what a disaster this turns into on Friday’s show.

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21 Comments on “Appropriate As Always”

  1. Joanna Says:

    Marlena is allegedly a doctor, and quite frankly it troubles me that she is so technologically impaired! Do you remember a few weeks ago when she was freaking out while trying to remove the cap from the flash drive? She actually tried to bite it off in her frenzy. The scenes in the church AV closet were great too! Wildly slapping at all the buttons! Hilarious!

  2. UnderYourWing Says:

    if anyone needs a severe beating for THE all time worst ‘wedding gown’ and stupidest head band EVER it’s kristen…OMG…..and yes,marlena the incompetent….unbelievable….

    and kristen attacking marlena over the video set up —ha ha did she really think anyone in their right mind would think marlena hired a look a like to play her raping her son?? please….. SO relieved this is finally over……,kinda…. the best and craziest is yet to come i am sure……

    • mykleraus Says:

      That headband thing was absolutely ridiculous. I’m actually kind of surprised she didn’t go for the full-out poofy white dress with big layered veil thing.

      I LOVE Kristen’s delusional denials. It reminds me of the 1997 Elvis-themed wedding when she started screaming that Marlena must have been possessed by Satan again!

  3. Shell Says:

    This is why I watch days. Amazing when a plot line culminates into such hilarious and entertaining tv! I think I may have actually chortled with glee when Kristen was finally unmasked…among other things. Also really loving Nicole staying with Daniel. That actually felt organic (for days) rather than the forced startup of most days situations. I can’t stand Daniel, but Nicole’s dynamic with everybody is always great and interesting. Also yay for minimal screeching Jennifer scenes. Although, is Abby now in the running for the shrew of salem? Ick.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yes! I wanted more at the church — I wanted Kristen on her knees there, begging Brady not to leave her, in front of everyone — but I understand there are production limitations. Everything we got was pretty damn good, though, and from what I’ve seen, next week is going to be awesome.

      Abby is… they need to find something to do with her. I really like Kate Mansi in the role, but she just walks around being judgmental and then expecting men to fall at her feet.

  4. UnderYourWing Says:

    yes! THAT was probably the real 1st ORGANIC moment in Days since the gals scarfed down those pot cupcakes!! 😉

    • Shell Says:

      Hahaha! Yeah, would it be too much to hope that pot brownies are consumed by all at a town square function? We could just have an entire hour of character reactions. I’d watch it!

      • mykleraus Says:

        I want to see Marlena have one of those brownies.

      • UnderYourWing Says:

        i think it’s time for Salem to get with the program already….give JJ a JOB……let him open Salem’s 1st Medical Marijuana Dispensary!

        God knows, those Salemites need to chillax…….
        they could name it The Shiesel Shop ! ……or Sister Sativa’s….or…..SkyDog…….

  5. UnderYourWing Says:

    speaking of dogs….why has No One EVER had a dog on this show?? does any soap have any pets?? other than some funky fish or bird which i still think— UH NO— anyway…….i just thought about the lack of dogs in Salem……

    • W Says:

      I can’t believe you have forgotten Pookie.

      • W Says:

        There’s also been a litany of other pets including a penguin and a lion..
        Thanks to Jason 47 and Salem spectator for the entire list.

        Admiral Perry…Eugene’s penguin…9 episodes…1989
        Emily…Kayla’s kitten…6 episodes…1989-1990
        Fluffy…Brian’s police dog…33 episodes…1990-1992 (friend of Snowball)
        Herschel…Tony’s dog…18 episodes…1984-1985
        Honey…Craig/Nancy’s dog…2 episodes…2000
        John Henry…Chris’s dog…7 episodes…1982-1983
        Martha…Calliope’s dog…17 episodes…1986-1987
        Max…Bonnie’s dog…23 episodes…2003-2005
        Moonshine…a cat…17 episodes…1982-1983
        Noelle…Vivian’s dog…4 episodes…1994-1995
        Phaedra…Samantha’s dog…5 episodes…1978
        Pookie…Nicole’s dog…4 episodes…2008
        Romulus…Letitia’s lion…4 episodes…1983
        Snowball…Ginger’s dog…12 episodes…1991-1992 (friend of Fluffy)
        Sugar…Craig/Nancy’s dog…11 episodes…2000-2002
        Yogi…Marcus’ childhood dog…7 episodes…1989
        Zeus…Lisanne’s cat…23 episodes…1992-1993

        Horton…circus tiger who “killed” Tony…11 episodes…2004

      • UnderYourWing Says:

        wow on the pet deets…..where the heck was I all those years??;)

      • mykleraus Says:

        OH NO. This just reminded me of the time Mickey, Maggie, and Bonnie accidentally had a fourgy with Bonnie’s dog (who stopped being mentioned after Max Brady was cast).

    • fluffysmom Says:

      Nicole had a dog named Pookie years ago on the show. And Calliope Bradford’s dog had a dog wedding. LOL

      • mykleraus Says:

        I do think some pets would add a lot of life to Salem — though I’d probably be concerned about the fact that no one ever spent time caring for said pets, since they can barely be bothered to look at their children…

  6. W Says:

    And what I meant to say before I got sidetracked.
    Sami at the VMA’s so apt Gold Star for that one.

  7. UnderYourWing Says:


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