Classic Days Alert!

I cannot explain how loudly I laughed during Monday’s show, when Marlena presented Victor with the flash drive and then declared, “But before we view what’s on this flash drive, there’s something I need to tell you!”

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 6.54.49 AM

Am I watching Passions? Or Days circa 1996? That has to be my favorite false-tension stall tactic ever. “We’ve been waiting weeks and months to view the contents of [insert inanimate object], but now that we’re about to view said contents, let’s pause for a dissertation on what it would mean for each and every person in this room if the results go the way we’re fearing!”

Of course, in typical modern Days fashion, they actually justified it pretty well — Marlena had reason to suspect Daniel might be the man with whom Kristen cheated — but I never get tired of this. It’s like the characters know they have to drag the story out.

Also: Tuesday’s show was basically all filler, but in a great way. Everyone swirling around, getting ready for the wedding, talking about relationships… it was good stuff. And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m starting to be vaguely interested in Jordan and in her bond with Rafe.

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4 Comments on “Classic Days Alert!”

  1. UnderYourWing Says:

    Unfortunately I,unlike you, get incredibly TIRED OF IT…..i get it— the first 37X in 8 weeks times they subject us to this, but enough is enough after that…..get on with it… srsly.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Like, if you’re SO desperate to see what’s on the flash drive, why not just watch what’s on the damn thing instead of pausing for a speech?! It used to be even worse with envelopes.

  2. Dan Says:

    We can complain about the fake out, but not only was it a decent explanation it was an important character moment. When Marlena thought the reveal might hurt Victor, she shared the information with him rather than blindsiding him with the imagery on the flashdrive. Victor did not extend Marlena the same courtesy, which I think will be a very important distinction.

    The confrontations between Vaughn and Zuker have been fabulous. Nicole’s line, “I don’t need to drug you to get you into bed,” or something along those lines, was powerful. I don’t think Eric even argue her point. I’ve complained a lot about this story. I think my initial concern was valid; the crux of the story is a JER tale at its most illogical. What works is it is told in a very old school way by having the characters reacting logically to the illogical. For me, that’s good soap.

    The problem with Jordan and Rafe is its a story told in a vacuum. As of right now, that whole group is off in its own story world. Things won’t improve when Gabi leaves. I love Banus, but they should really consider recasting. I don’t mind Jordan/Rafe yet, but the cookie thing will get old quick. It seems we are still following the original outline for Jordan (character is running for the past three years), but I have to wonder if things have changed. I was sure Christell would have ended up being Chelsea Brady or Vargas’ wife.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I LOVED Nicole’s line to Eric about not having to drug him. Their confrontations have been great. Vaughn is playing Eric like such a… I almost want to say like he’s too soft, like he can’t handle trauma. It’s interesting and it makes Eric different than a lot of Salemites.

      The distinction between Victor and Marlena with this DVD is perfect. I suspect this is the setup for a whole new round of tension and animosity. Marlena tried to protect Victor’s loved ones, but he put her in the position of screwing over her own son. I hope they run with this. Great planning.

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