Out the Door

It seems that Chad DiMera and his slew of questionable hairstyles and half-baked storylines have left Salem.

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 9.37.43 AM

(Ironically, this happened during a time where his hair actually kind of made sense.)

Now, I have enjoyed Casey Deidrick as Chad, in the sense that I find him to be a very likable performer who has good chemistry with a lot of his co-stars. But “Chad DiMera” has never entirely clicked for me as a concept, none of his pairings have really set the world on fire, and honestly, I don’t think Chad would ever have become a DiMera or stuck around for four years if TPTB didn’t like Deidrick. I’m glad they aren’t killing Chad off, because it’ll be useful to have another young DiMera in reserve for whenever they need him — and honestly, they could make Chad whomever they want or need him to be in the future. But will I miss Chad as a character, or even really notice that he’s gone? Nope. This is one of the few times where I’m genuinely glad they are letting a younger actor walk without recasting. Let’s work on finding a compelling love interest for Abigail now, shall we?

Meanwhile, I got excited when I saw Maggie walk in on a conversation between Victor and Marlena. I’m pretty sure that these two women haven’t interacted onscreen since Marlena’s return at the Horton Town Square opening back in September 2011. So Maggie walks in, asks what’s going on, they cut to commercial… and then Marlena quickly excuses herself, barely says a word to Maggie, and bolts. This is as much of them in a frame together as I could get:

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 11.00.42 AM

So what gives? It was getting to be bizarre that Marlena was at the Kiriakis mansion plotting with Victor and never crossed with Maggie — but this was almost weirder. (Interestingly, Maggie decided to lose the ruffles and dress like a cow… something Marlena has notably done before.)

Meanwhile, Marlena is head of the hospital’s Ethics Committee, with her history? Who did she run against, John Wayne Gacy?!

Also, I loved how Brady was all, “Theresa doesn’t sound like Daniel’s type at all!” I know Brady’s a lunkhead, but come on. Theresa is an emotional vacuum and he just saved her life. How is that not Daniel’s type?

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11 Comments on “Out the Door”

  1. Dan Says:

    Chad’s exit was much quieter than I expected, but it falls in line with typical Tomsell. Actually, I’m surprised we didn’t get the company line about how “they aren’t going to recast” and how “the door is always open for Casey to return.” In the end, my only real disappointment is that Nick never made good on his promise at the wedding that he would make Chad pay or how Chad never publicly exposed Gabi’s role in the Andrew story.

    In terms of Chad “Dimera,” I thought it was brilliant at the time. It played on the history of Kate and Stefano, the dynamic between Will and Chad, and set in motion of a series of complex relationships that could have been utilized for years to come. Unfortunately, nothing ever seemed to pan out. If Higley had stayed, I think Chad and Abby would have had some major hurdles in the fall of 2011 as I suspect D.A. Woods would have been revealed to be the man attacking the prostitutes just as Jack returned to Salem. Anyway, I think Chad Dimera didn’t work because “Days” refuses to commit to a younger story group for fear of “newbie overload” backlash from the fans, which is one of the reasons soaps have declined in the past decade.

    I knew Casey would leave last year, which was why I wasn’t upset the show didn’t commit to Abby / Chad / Cameron. They did the same thing with Rachel Melvin and Darrin Brooks back in ’09. The only difference is they kept Abby in the role of dutiful daughter and supportive friend while never truly developing her as the lead young heroine she was capable of being.

    I’m going to withhold judgment on Maggie until mid-November. I think they might be going somewhere with all this, but I’m not sure. MarDar rushed Maggie and Victor into marriage without really dealing with any of the conflict surrounding two such people merging their lives together. I miss Maggie Horton; I’m not a fan of Maggie Kiriakis in her present form.

    Marlena NEEDS to be more of a presence at the hospital. I don’t understand why they refuse to play that element. She should be involved in the Anne / Jennifer stuff. She could comment on the Theresa situation. She should be nosy about the situation between Cameron and Gabi. I would like to see Marlena at the hospital in the same way TPTB have utilized Hope as a professional. It’s important for these women to have lives outside their husbands.

    To be fair to Brady, Daniel and Theresa were supposedly together BEFORE he saved her. Its all in the details. I did LOVE Nicole overhearing J.J. Again, proof that this show plans in advance. I cannot WAIT for Nicole to expose smug J.J. I’m actually surprised no one has complained that Theresa OD’ed as it is probably dictated in Lilley’s contract that she won’t have premarital sex. I thought for sure the Lilley detractors would be out in full force on that one.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I kind of forget that some of the Chad stuff got lost in the writer transition. I thought DA Woods was going to be the Prostitute Pummeler, too, which would’ve been interesting for Abigail considering Harper Deveraux’s history. I think part of what never clicked for me was they never knew if they wanted Chad to be a “good DiMera” or a “bad DiMera.” We saw shadings of both, and we saw some conflict over it, but it was all rather half-baked. I’ve never quite understood the Chad/Abigail relationship at its core, either; probably the most interesting they’ve ever been to me was after Chad blew up the Nick/Gabi wedding, but they really downplayed that conflict.

      I’m much more invested in Abigail as a character/concept than I am in Chad, and I’d really like for them to invest in her, too. She needs a throughline and a strong love interest. I still think Philip Kiriakis might be an interesting match for her — or maybe Andrew Donovan, especially given her conflicts with Theresa.

      • Dan Says:

        re: Prostitute Pummeler
        Not only was the Harper Devereaux history ripe to play on, but Ashford should have been back in order to play the fall out as well. With Chad, you had created a character similar to Jack in terms of the dual fathers, the ambiguous morality, and a love for a very moral Horton woman. It might have been interesting to see Jack/Jen conflict over Chad/Abby given everything the original couple had been through. Add in the potential of Jack actually being Peter Blake, Chabby would have been a solid couple with a solid character motivations within the typical zany DAYS plotlines.

        To be fair, most of the younger set is underdeveloped. The lack of follow through after the ordeal in May is painful. It was so clear these actors were ready to rule the show and it was all for nothing.

        I believe I’ve stated this before, but I want Mansi / Lilley to be the new Stephanie / Melanie of this show with a couple of young men thrown in there (either a recast Chad, Andrew Donovan, Nicholas Alamain, or even someone new). I just think its a shame because you know Mansi will leave, too.

      • mykleraus Says:

        That’s why I can’t be upset about them recasting Will. The character is way too important to send packing just because the actor wants to leave. For once, they’re actually investing in a 20s scene.

        Mansi is so going to leave. The best story she’s had, alarmingly, was the Austin one. Think about that: the best story Kate Mansi has had was being obsessed with Patrick Muldoon because she sniffed his hat once. At least she had something to play there. She’s had a lot of good scenes, but the character has done very little of consequence in two and a half years.

      • Dan Says:

        I wish I could argue with you about Mansi’s best story. It really is sad, isn’t it? Her supporting work in the Devereaux drama has been spectacular, but it was strong supporting.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I do hope they go into a bit of an identity crisis for Maggie. She’s been running around so hoity-toity for a year or two now, butting into everyone’s lives and trying to insert herself into “Horton stuff” way too forcefully. Major credit if they do explore that.

      Marlena vs Anne was pretty great. I love when they get to do Stone-Cold Bitch Marlena. “I don’t pull rank… but I am senior staff!” More Marlena at the hospital would continue to ground her for me.

      What’s the deal with Lilley? I’ve heard rumblings of her various stipulations and such. I can’t imagine she’d sign on to play such a deviant if she had THAT much of a problem with all of it, though…

      • Dan Says:

        I love cold, emotionless Marlena. I think its the best way to play the character, and Dee Hall is at her finest playing Marlena that way.

        From what I recall, Lilley stated DAYS approached her about a role on the show. Upfront, she stated there were certain things she would not be willing to do (i.e. premarital sex) and understood she could lose her chance at the role because of it. DAYS agreed to respect her wishes. I like Lilley, but I’m not sure if I would want those restrictions place on me if I was the writer.

      • mykleraus Says:

        That’s so weird about Lilley. Why take a role like this in the first place, then? I actually like her as Theresa — though there are some writing issues — but she’s not SO GOOD that she’s the only person who could’ve played this part.

      • Dan Says:

        I really enjoy Lilley. Her work on today (11/7) is particularly strong. We are seeing a completely different side of Theresa. To be honest, I’m surprised by her range as an actress. I think she is a get for the show.

        On Lilley’s end, it wasn’t like she was doing a whole lot of work. Soaps are a consistent paycheck for a career that lacks consistent work.

      • mykleraus Says:

        She was great on Thursday’s ep. I’m enjoying Theresa. She’s been written a bit cartoonishly, but so is everyone at some point.

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