Ruffling Her Feathers

Maggie’s wardrobe has got to be a joke at this point, right?

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 1.08.51 PM

I burst out laughing when she came running in dressed like the love child of Captain Jack Sparrow and Little Lord Fauntleroy. Come on! She is completely out of control with the ruffles. And what is with the running around town breathlessly urging Daniel to go bother Jennifer? Get a life, bitch!

And speaking of women of a certain age who need to get a life…

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 1.11.26 PM

Kate is off her damn rocker. This whole vendetta against Jordan is beyond insane and irrational. (I have to give credit to whichever writer came up with the bit about Bernardi’s mistress having worked at the hospital and Kate fearing that Jordan could be another plant. I allllmost bought the whole setup in that moment.) Jordan actually scored some points with me when she fired back, “I’m a normal, private person who shows up to do my job!” and followed up with something like, “Why is that so disturbing?” Then again, she hasn’t actually seen how Kate behaves in the workplace…

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11 Comments on “Ruffling Her Feathers”

  1. The question here is: how wore it better?

  2. Dan Says:

    I do think the show is bit more in on the joke than we realize. When Nicole was recounting her ‘terrible’ deeds on Wednesday, she admitted to dressing provocatively in order to get attention from Eric. I think they are purposely dressing Maggie the way Maggie thinks she should dress now that she is a woman of means. I wish they would use this to create an identity crisis for Maggie. For years, she has been Maggie Horton, and, now, she is Maggie Kiriakis. Also, I would use this to explain why Maggie is so insistent that Jen and Dan be together. If Dan and Jen are together, then Maggie is still a Horton by extension. It would be nice to see Maggie struggle with her new life and identity.

    Kate is so crazy she must be a Jarlena or Wilson fan. Anyway, I don’t think this is out of character for Kate. I just think the issue is why should we care about Kate and Jordan? Kate and Rafe were interesting in terms of the relationships the characters had with Sami, E.J., and Stefano. I’ve been rewatching Billie’s exit from Salem in January. I think that was an important moment for Kate. At this point, Rafe is all she has left, and, ultimately, she is going to lose him too. I’m willing to give this story a little more time to develop as I think Jordan may have a past like Kate had herself.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I love, love, love that observation about Maggie and wish they’d delve into that. Very astute of you. She’s had a surprisingly smooth transition into being the lady of the manor in the Kiriakis household. (Also, we haven’t seen her and Victor together in quite a while.)

      They really surprised me, in a great way, with Nicole’s line about her wardrobe at St. Luke’s. That was a terrific touch.

      I think Kate’s behavior is totally in character — it’s just that that character is a complete lunatic. I’m honestly struggling to understand what about Jordan is so threatening besides the fact that she’s a younger woman spending time with Rafe; she even seems disinterested in Rafe and Kate’s lives. Kate’s paranoia is just cranked up to an 11. I do think there’s something to her feeling adrift with most of her kids gone, but it feels like they’re trying to jump-start a triangle that doesn’t exist.

      • Dan Says:

        The part I really appreciated about Nicole’s wardrobe is the fact in November/December they had her dressing reserved/conservatively so that in March/April when she started vamping it up, it was jarring. That’s an attention to detail that daytime was once known for. Also, I have b#tched incessantly about my issues with the Kristen sex plot, but, again, I want to point out detail. When Kristen first popped up at the hotel, she was doting the same wig that Nicole did when she was on the run with Sydney. At first, I thought it was cheap, but I think it was to set in motion the idea that the audience should be tying Kristen/Nicole together in this plot.

        Again, in rare praise of the Kristen rape plot, can I say I love that it is now October 2013, a year after Nicole falsely accused Jennifer of killing her unborn child, and Nicole is now falsely accused of a crime she didn’t commit. I love the parallel structure of the plots, who come together to delve into a larger story. I’m desperately hoping that Jennifer discovers the truth about Kristen’s role in the story. I believe Daniel downloaded the flashdrive onto his computer, so even if it disappears again, the video is on Daniel’s computer. I would love the beauty of Jennifer exposing Kristen, her friend, in order to clear Nicole, her frienemy. Unfortunately, I suspect Marlena may hold the trump card.

        Regarding Kate, I consider her defining moment, for this regime, to be the scenes with Billie before Billie made a quick exit stage left. Billie called Kate on her sh#t. In terms of Rafe/Jordan, I think it is a control thing as well. Kate feels guilty because she feels she set back Rafe’s recovery by telling Stefano. Rafe was suppose to come out of the coma when Bernardi went for his junk, but they postponed it. Right or wrong, Kate feels guilty, and there is a certain power dynamic with Jordan. Kate is Jordan’s boss; in a sense, she owns her. Jordan doesn’t follow Kate’s rules. I think Kate needs to have Jordan under her thumb because Kate won’t allow someone else to control her.

        On a separate, but related note, I wish Kate and Maggie would interact more. Maggie’s history with paralysis could easily tie her into the story with Jordan-Rafe-Kate. Also, it would be interesting to see Maggie’s ‘high fashion’ embarrass Victor and for her to seek Kate’s advice on how to dress as Victor’s wife. At the same time, I would allow Kate to spend time with Parker, who was her grandson, and allow some conflict between Daniel and Maggie over Maggie allowing Kate to have a role in Parker’s life. Kate and Maggie are both women who have denied the chance of raising their biological children and I think that could be a powerful bond that ties them together.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I didn’t catch that about the wig, but now that you mention it, I remember Nicole having the same one. That’s a good thematic tie, if nothing else. I do love Nicole being falsely accused for the same reason as you — it’s so circular, in a good way. I get why they wanted to do this Kristen/Eric plot, in terms of complication and fallout, and I’m generally enjoying it, but the setup was just so rushed and Kristen’s plan was SO specific and made zero sense.

        Kate definitely has control issues. I hope they use this Jordan situation to get a little more into her psyche and less about “I’m threatened by a younger woman who has shown zero interest in my man.” I do kind of hope she throws Lucas at Jordan, though.

        There have been some great Maggie/Kate interactions in the past, so it’s interesting that they’ve backed off. That’s why Philip is needed — he keeps Kate tangibly tied into the Kiriakis world. Since Marlena and Maggie are apparently no longer allowed to be friends, Kate might make an interesting friend/ally for Maggie in a weird, unexpected way.

  3. kathyj Says:

    Great conversation! I find it disturbing that Victor has become almost a cartoon figure — spouting epithets with no substance. I always enjoyed watching the many layers of Victor’s personality unfolding — insightful, loving, vindictive, very flawed and very human.

    • mykleraus Says:

      He kind of has, yeah. The problem is that I find it HILARIOUS. John Aniston is so damn funny that I can barely bring myself to have an issue with it.

      I do think Victor’s trajectory has mirrored a lot of real people, though. He’s kind of just become this old codger who is more or less content in his life but has opinions on everyone else’s business. He reminds me of a very rich, powerful version of my own grandparents, in some ways.

      • kathyj Says:

        Victor and Content — I’ll have to think about that. But you are right — a bad day with John Aniston is better than a good day with almost anyone else.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I think he’s sort of made his peace with what his life is and what he has done — and Maggie is the first entirely fulfilling relationship he’s had in a long time, probably since he was with Caroline. So I think he’s “content” in that regard.

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