What Happened in Salem: Week of Sept. 23rd

Miracle of miracles: it was a Sami-free week. And yet this happened…

Daniel took Parker to Chicago to see Chloe, who claimed to have undergone intensive therapy but was clearly lying, as she spent much of the time advocating for Daniel to be with Jennifer, which no sane human being would ever do. While Daniel was gone, JJ and his pals swiped Jennifer’s key to Daniel’s place and spent the night partying there. Daniel used his magical skills of deduction and figured out JJ had been there, though it’s unclear why he didn’t suspect any of the other homeless Salemites (Marlena, Lucas, Kate, Hope — some of these people haven’t slept in a bed in years!). Daniel told JJ that he wouldn’t tell the cops or Jen, on the condition that JJ moves back home. Jen found out that Daniel had talked to JJ and blasted him for making things worse, which is sort of how I feel every time he shows up onscreen.

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4 Comments on “What Happened in Salem: Week of Sept. 23rd”

  1. Dan Says:

    This was probably the first really solid week in several weeks.

    Chloe’s return was weird on a budget conscious DAYS. In the story, it worked as it allowed J.J. a chance to break into the apartment, but Chloe herself didn’t add much to Daniel / Parker’s story. It was nice to see them all together. It amazes me how it seems so right when Nadia Bjorlin returns to this show. Never would have thought I would have said that when Bjorlin first appeared. Anyway, the first Chloe script was weak; there was no subtly to Chloe’s Dannifer support. The second was slightly better.

    I thought the Dannifer conflict was in character. Daniel learns J.J. has done something shitty, he keeps it to himself hoping to protect Jennifer, and then it blows up in his face. I think J.J. might work for me if Jack was still around, but I like what they’ve done with Jack even in passing. I’m glad they remembered his memoirs; did MarDar start that? The last time I remember it being mentioned was August 2012 after Jack died. Abby was reading a rough draft.

    E.J. using Chad was a pleasant surprise. I love how everything is coming full circle. I suspect we will see Chad off to prison for breaking the legal agreement and Nick will get his revenge.

    I love Gabi/Nick and how Gabi has become a bit bitchy to sanctimonious Sonny and preachy Will. I had to snicker when St. Will got his panties in a bunch because Sonny kept mum about Gabi and Nick. Please! I get that Nick’s presence in Arianna’s life would be Will’s worse nightmare, but this “Nick called Sonny a faggot” when Tad punched Sonny out and Tad has been forgiven is a bit much. The boys can say what they want, but Nick loves that baby as much as they and Gabi do.

    Anne is love. I do love how all these lame stunts the schemers pull get unraveled immediately. It’s such a nice change of pace.

    Great blog.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Chloe’s return didn’t seem too weird to me. They did it with Laura Horton for two days, too. I also still kind of suspect the ‘Keara’ casting call might’ve been for Chloe at first, and when they didn’t recast, they decided to do this just to wrap up/address Chloe’s story. Who knows. I love these little pop-ins, though.

      You’re completely right about the Will/Nick stuff, but the thing I love about this is that I completely understand each person’s POV. It’s a very well fleshed-out little situation, even if it doesn’t have the most story drive.

      I believe MarDar set up Jack’s memoirs when he began teaching at Salem U (which… went nowhere). This is good payoff for it. I have to say, as much as I wish they had kept Jack around, I do think his memory has been used well. I’m a little fearful about the execution of what’s coming up, but I’m trying to be optimistic…

      • Dan Says:

        It’s funny, but I thought, structurally, Laura’s appearance made more sense. An underlying current of the Chloe story was a mother’s love. Chloe’s love for Parker drove her actions, Nancy’s love for Chloe caused her to take extreme actions, and Laura’s love for Jennifer led her to support Jennifer. Chloe’s return in this story is similar as this story is being driven by the Jennifer/J.J. relationship, but David Cherrill’s script made that hard to understand. I think Laura should return to counsel J.J. And since she’d come back, it’d be interesting to see her counsel Nick as well.

        I enjoy the Will/Sonny/Nick/Gabi situation, but I just wish people would call Will and Sonny out on their double standard.

        Yeah, I know where they are going with J.J./Jack. Overall, it’s a difficult situation. It’s ancient history, but my understanding is Evans / Ashford played some of the underlying tension in Evans 2011 return. I’m curious to see where it’s going because the scripts have suggested that J.J. is Jack’s current representation in Salem. It will be curious to see how this reveal effects J.J.

      • mykleraus Says:

        That’s a good point. There was a clear mother/daughter theme there. I wouldn’t mind having Laura pop up more often, especially since Jennifer’s family unit is so front-and-center these days. (Can I get a Bill Horton, too?!)

        Evans and Ashford have done a great job — both in 2006 and 2011 — layering that tension into their scenes even when the writers didn’t put it in there. I really hate that this story is happening without Jack, but I think it’s an important story for this family, and I hope they do something interesting with it.

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