What Happened in Salem: Week of Sept. 16th

Sami was once again let out into the wild. Meanwhile…

After a blowout with Jennifer, JJ declared that he was moving out. Jennifer advised family and friends not to take him in, since she would rather see him homeless than continuing to do drugs, and we all know that homelessness never, ever leads to drug abuse. JJ asked Theresa if he could crash at her place, but she was hesitant, seeing as how it doesn’t actually exist and she just trolls public areas in-between visiting the office for fifteen minutes at a time. Jennifer discovered that Theresa had swiped money from the hospital’s discretionary fund and fired her.

Read the rest to figure out What (the hell) Happened in Salem last week!

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3 Comments on “What Happened in Salem: Week of Sept. 16th”

  1. UnderYourWing Says:

    I am really liking the way this is going lately….BUT I have one major gripe and actually always have: why the hell is it, whenever someone comes to someone else’s door and the person does not want to see them, talk to them or be bothered—- they always just let whoever it is waltz right in their house….or apartment and allow them TO harass or bother them??
    I mean really?? Like today when whats her face came to Jennifer’s with papers from the hospital to can Theresa…. Has no one ever heard of just slamming the door in the offenders face or what?? This happens CONSTANTLY….. I am sure if this did not happen Nothing would happen so they let it happen?
    Just the same when someone gets up in someones face to yap at them and the other person says hey….get lost, I’m busy, not interested…. yet they still just stand there and listen….. probably stupid comments but it makes me crazy. I pack light–it’s a real short trip.

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