Casting: Upcoming Exit

Another character and actor will be leaving Salem in the near future. No big surprise here. Click behind the cut to find out who it is…


Nathan Owens, a.k.a. Cameron Davis, a.k.a. The Dullest Character in Salem, is leaving the show and will apparently last air around Halloween (which means he stopped taping approximately 14 years ago).

He’s nice to look at, but I can’t say I’m torn up about this in the least. The character has hardly ever been developed — to the point that we still don’t even know the name of his father or why that man kept him from Celeste for years or how Cameron feels about this — and his relationship with Abigail is so far from interesting that it stands no chance of making up for his lazy-ass backstory. There’s just nothing there, and not even a Magic Mike ripoff made him particularly compelling, which is saying something. Plus I haven’t been able to make Black Jay Leno jokes since the (very handsome) recast stepped in.

So, whatever. They need to find something interesting to do with Abigail, and I actually like Kate Mansi in the role, so I hope this frees her up for that. I’d much rather they cut Cameron loose and fill that spot on canvas with a recast Philip Kiriakis, or an Andrew Donovan, or someone who could be paired with Abigail and actually have a personality/be connected to other characters. It is a little weird that we’re losing Chad, Gabi, and Cameron (plus the current Will) out of that age group in the near future, but I think this will ultimately be very good for Abigail, who’s a key character and needs something more (read: at all) compelling if she’s ever going to be a top-level character.

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4 Comments on “Casting: Upcoming Exit”

  1. I’ll never forget Cameron and Abby discussing their favorite Parisian restaurants or the time Celeste warned Cameron “I sense great danger when I look at that girl!”

    It’s really a shame that Chabby will be ending. I feel a young Sami/Lucas vibe when they banter and go on little mischevious adventures together. (Well, that one time they followed Cameron to the strip club)

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’ll mostly never forget the time Cameron wore gold lamé booty shorts.

      I like Mansi and Deidrick together, but I don’t really care about Abby and Chad together, if that makes sense. “Chad DiMera” has always felt half-baked to me, and it works even less with how little Stefano has been around and with Lexie gone.

  2. fluffysmom Says:

    His character is so boring that I doubt I’ll even notice when he leaves the show. The triangle is beyond boring.

    I like Kate Mansi and hope she gets a storyline that I’m actually interested in.

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