More Like BOREdan, AMIRITE?

Am I nuts, or is this character totally DOA?

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Usually I’m a fan of easing in new characters, rather than shoving them onscreen every damn day, but something about Jordan’s introduction is completely not working for me. Maybe because it isn’t like we’re meeting her in a Maxine-like capacity, as someone who just happens to be at the hospital — clearly the point is that she’s no-nonsense and too focused on work and just needs to be romanced and blah blah. She’s also isolated in a “story” with two B-level characters (Kate is super-crucial to the show, but it isn’t like she’s a major lead at this point) who are basically annoyed at her for doing her job, presumably because they never do theirs. And I just keep thinking, “Why am I supposed to care about this?!”

I like Chrisell Stause just fine from what I saw of her on All My Children, but something about this is not working for me. Can we maybe just cut ahead to the part where she takes off her glasses and is flashing her hooters all over the hospital while administering physical therapy sessions in six-inch heels? Cuz you know it’s gonna happen.

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11 Comments on “More Like BOREdan, AMIRITE?”

  1. Amen. A couple of weeks ago Jordan didnt have her glasses on in an episode. Later that week she tweeted saying she left the glasses at home!

  2. UnderYourWing Says:

    from the gate i just thought by some insane Salem craziness she and rafe would end up with their ends ups…and that would make kate so happy— NOT…..if anyone needs a ride on the high hard one it is this no nonsense all biz therapist and who better to administer some sexual healing than the one she is healing??
    OR howz about a legit lesbian story line now that sonny and will got theirs? THAT would be great to watch!!

    • mykleraus Says:

      The high hard one, LOL. She and Rafe are totally going to be paired up, which just feels so dull I can’t even be interested enough to make fun of it. Can Rafe maybe fall for her, much to Kate’s chagrin, only to have Jordan dump his ass for Lucas? That might be fun.

  3. It’s strange how DAYS is doing such a great job writing interesting characterizations for their supportive cast (Maxine, Anne Milbauer, Marge Benardi, Melinda Trask…) while writing such creatively limited stories for many of their contract players (Jordan, Abby, Cameron, Daniel … )

    I also couldn’t care less about Jordan. But like Mikey, I find it weird that she is being mocked for being the ONLY person in Salem who actually works!

    • mykleraus Says:

      I honestly don’t know why Jordan was brought on. I have no idea what story they were planning to tell. They’re usually very clear about which characters are the centers of stories — Sami, Jennifer, Will, Brady — and which ones rotate around them. Rafe and Kate are not in that league, so it’s weird that they would plan a triangle around them that’s seemingly disconnected from everything else.

  4. Dan Says:

    I’m almost a week behind for the first time since the unboot and really am not driven enough to catch up. I’ve seen Monday, but the rest of the week is sitting on the DVR. Overall, the show is in such poor shape because of “Days” typical casting issues. All the momentum in the younger set that built to May sweeps is lost with the major cast exodus looming, which I think has effected Jordan. The Kristen saga has transitioned into half-baked JER territory though it has that Higley era promise of transitioning into something better (a triangle between Eric / Nicole / Brady) and should provide Deidre Hall the chance to show whether or not she still has it when Marlena learns that Kristen violated her son. While E.J. / Sami may be receiving the best writing they’ve received in years, they are not the part of the story I’m most interested in.

    Jordan, herself, seems to be a victim of backstage shenanigans. Originally, the character was supposed to appear earlier. The initial casting call stated “Keara” would start taping in late February with a May start date, which itself is questionable since the show would have been taping later than May in February. I truly believe that the producers are wrangling talent and expecting the writers to “make it work,” which they have to various degrees of success. So they sidelined Jordan in order to introduce Theresa, who I don’t think was supposed to return to Salem.

    My main point is I think Jordan’s story is stalled because of Theresa’s introduction, who now is also in a stalled story because of the Dannifer backlash. I truly believe this show needs a stronger producer than Lisa de Cazotte. In my opinion, Higley/Whitesell was successful because Tomlin drove the ship.

    Personally, I would have Jordan interact with Cameron and had Cameron use Jordan to convince Abigail that he is over her. Jordan would be aware of the plan, and Jordan would give Cameron a chance to open up to someone about Abigail. According to the casting call, Jordan has a “secret” about her last few years of life so I would hint at that during Jordan and Cameron’s interaction.

    For now, I’ll forgive Jordan her lack of personality, her lack of story, and her general lack of purpose. Maybe I’ll attempt to watch some of this week’s episodes now.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Ooh, very interesting. You probably have a point about Lisa de Cazotte — I often forget she’s even onboard here, which says a lot. Jordan is the first introduction in a long time (probably since MarDar left, honestly) where I can’t figure out why anyone thought introducing her was a good idea. As I said above, it seems like a very weird choice to build a triangle around Rafe/Kate, neither of whom are A-level characters on their own. And Jordan has barely interacted with anyone besides them and Kayla (actually, has she at all?!), which makes this feel much more like a MarDar introduction.

      Watch last week, though. The Sami resolution, despite one huge deux ex machina, was interesting, and Marlena has had some fun stuff. Everything feels a bit stalled until November sweeps, though, for sure.

      • Dan Says:

        I’m so thrown on Jordan because they haven’t introduced a character without clear purpose in a while. The same goes for Theresa/Jeannie. I don’t think there was even a casting call for “Theresa.” I remember Jordan’s casting call came out just as it was announced Chloe was gone, but I think Nadia left before her material even aired as Casey Moss was on the set in January. At the time, everyone thought “Keara” was going to end up replacing Chloe in the Jennifer/Daniel story.

        I think Jordan was suppose to be Chelsea Brady. Darren Brooks hinted he was in talks with DAYS around this time. I suspect the show wanted to bring Chelsea and Max back, which would make sense. As a doctor, an adopted Brady, and Melanie’s brother, there was a lot to play with. Similarly, Chelsea would have a series of connections to play in the Rafe/Kate story alone. Also, I would have played Chelsea/Nick as Chelsea should have arrived just as Nick and Gabi’s marriage hit the skids. Also, Peter Reckell was in talks to return as well, but that didn’t work out. Maybe that played a role in things.

        I’m all for new characters, but I don’t understand Jordan when Chelsea seemed more suited for the story.

      • mykleraus Says:

        Jordan being Chelsea (or even Cassie, who’s basically a blank slate but is connected to Kate, Lucas, Will, Roman, Sami, and Eric) would make so much sense. I was convinced she was going to be one of them, until the Jeannie/Theresa takeout made that seem unlikely. I just don’t get why anyone thought to introduce Jordan — like I honestly cannot comprehend why this role was conceived and cast — unless they just wanted to introduce a new doctor who was going to mix it up with other people. But it seems like her whole story is going to be in the Rafe/Kate sphere for now, which is weird.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I also wonder if they were thinking of recasting Chloe when it turned out Nadia didn’t want to stay longer, and “Keara” was that role, and they found Chrishell and decided to write in a different role for her instead…

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