In Living Color

It’s so sad that, because of her busy schedule as a young single mother and a college student, poor Gabi had to miss her audition for the Fly Girls.

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 6.36.50 AM


Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 6.37.24 AM

Ridiculous hair and pants aside, I do appreciate how they’re playing the fallout of the whole Will/Gabi/Nick mess. Having a baby (while also joyous and heartwarming and fun) is often a pain in the ass even for totally prepared people who are fully functioning adults. I’m glad they’re addressing the fact that Gabi has to finish school and Sonny is running a business and they’re all in their early 20s trying to juggle a baby. I was actually more interested in the Will/Gabi conflict this week than in the high-stakes negotiations and manipulations going on with Sami, which is saying something.

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15 Comments on “In Living Color”

  1. Alana Says:

    I was also way more interested in the Nick/Gabi/Will/Sonny stuff than Sami. My favorite was when Will laid out all Nick had done and Gabi was like “He said he was SORRY.”

    Plus- bonus- Will still doesn’t know what Gabi did to Melanie, so that slow burn story may come back as things heat up in their family tensions, since Sonny does know. I’ve been waiting for Gabi to get some comeuppance for that for a whiiiiile.

  2. Alana Says:

    And also, yes, her outfit was ridiculous. At least wear some Jennifer-level conservative clothes for a minute to pretend you have baby weight to lose. I don’t know many new moms (or any people really) who wear crop tops.

    • mykleraus Says:

      It’s one thing to be a little glammed-up right after having a baby, but she is literally dressed like someone in a music video (from 1992). There was NO ONE on set who was like, “Um, Gabi just had a baby”?

  3. eramer Says:

    Oh lord, I haven’t been able to stop grimacing every time Gabi is on screen lately. That outfit is just flat out gross.
    I’ve kinda been waiting for them to turn this into a post-partum depression storyline. There are some days I see it going that direction, some days I think I’m totally wrong.

    Oh, and count me as another who’s more interested in this than Sami’s lather-rinse-repeat crap.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I haven’t expected it to go in a postpartum direction, but Gabi is definitely showing some of her previous… impulsiveness now. I like that they seem to be tying all of this back to what she did to Melanie.

      • Dan Says:

        The Gabi / Melanie angle could get very messy. With Gabi now threatening to move out, I so want a nasty custody fight between Gabi and Will over baby Arianna with ALL the nastiness coming out (Melanie / Gabi , Will / E.J. , Nick / Chad / Gabi’s agreement) and just let the sucker boil. If Arianna’s custody battle isn’t November sweeps, there simply is no justice.

        I love how a year ago, Will and Gabi had sex and all this fall out has led us to the moment where Nick and Gabi have sex and now we are in for another round of fallout. The Nick / Gabi / Will / Sonny / Chad / Abigail set really has been solid. Hopefully, they will find a way to continue some of these dynamics in coming months.

        It’s a shame Will is not leaving because I would really love for the Nick / Gabi stuff to evolve into Will admitting he still has feelings for Gabi if for no other reason than to watch the Sonny/Will fanbase to collectively lose their minds. I’m just waiting for them to start blaming Adrienne for Sami / E.J. going to jail again when it comes out the money for Timmy was planted.

        Truthfully, there is no way to keep E.J. / Sami compelling. Melissa Salmons wrote some incredibly intense scenes for them (as well as for Dannifer), but storywise these relationship have been milked for all they are worth. I would really like to see Sami learn E.J. was blackmailing Will over the shooting and kick his ass to the curb.

      • mykleraus Says:

        It really feels like this is all heading to a full-circle place. The long-term arcing for the show, and especially this group, has been great since summer 2012. There are, like, five powder kegs ready to blow.

        I’m glad Will isn’t leaving because I think he’s too important to lose (see: Belle and Shawn — awful as they were — exiting and leaving a huge hole in both John/Marlena and Bo/Hope’s lives), but I kinda wish he were going away for 6 weeks or two months so that there could be a big blow-up, Sonny could meet someone else, and the new Will could come into the midst of some new energy.

        I agree about EJ and Sami. I don’t hate them together, but they basically have to be a united front at this point. All the betrayal and will-they-won’t-they is so played out. Those scenes were well done, but it somehow felt artificial.

  4. Sam already knows that EJ was blackmailing Will over the shooting. She learned in May 2012.

  5. […] Aside from the crushed velvet, empire-waisted dress with hippie hair adornments, then you had this jacket/scarf (?!) combo that evokes nothing so much as a medieval wizard. I kept alternating between covering my eyes and rewinding to be sure I was seeing this correctly. You mean to tell me that she was running all over Salem dressed like this and no one was like, “That’s it. Gabi has officially lost it”? Then again, it’s perhaps not as bad as the time she dressed as a Fly Girl. […]

  6. Rouge Says:

    Am I the only one who thinks (always have) that Nick is just plain ugly! He looks like he’s got chew in both sides of his mouth. The old scenes of him and Gabi together made me ill. Ugh! And the time he was laying in bed with a valentine covering his ….. He’s so unattractive. Its hard to believe such a creepy looking guy so busy with everyone in Salem is ai “genius”. Geniuses I know don’t act like that.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’m not really one for bashing the actors’ actual looks (as opposed to terrible hair/makeup/wardrobe). I think Berris has kind of an unconventional look, but he’s a good actor. Nick is a total creep, though. I actually thought he was cute back in the day with Chelsea, but that was like a different character.

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