Nothing’s Fine. I’m Torn.

On one hand, Daniel’s behavior toward both JJ and Jennifer is appalling, and it’s difficult for me to believe that we are in any way supposed to be rooting for this guy.

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 8.17.06 AM

Jennifer was ready to give up their relationship (idiotically, but also selflessly) so that Chloe wouldn’t keep Parker away from Daniel. And now Daniel just expects her to tell JJ to kick rocks so that Daniel’s sex life doesn’t have to be interrupted? What a horse’s ass. Isn’t there a woman getting a gallstone removed somewhere for him to go lust after?

But on the other hand, he told Jennifer that she is “deaf, dumb, and blind” (in reference to JJ’s antics, but I’m just taking it as a blanket statement), and it was so hilarious that it’s kind of hard for me to hate him.

In different but equally baffling WTF-ery, I appreciated the interaction between Adrienne and Roman over her role in Sami’s current predicament, but my brain got flip-turned-upside-down (a la The Fresh Prince‘s life) when Adrienne told Roman, “I’ve known you a long time, but…”

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 8.19.39 AM

I mean, has she? Has she really? She didn’t appear in Salem until John thought he was Roman, and I’m pretty sure her exit barely overlapped with the real Roman’s return (during which she was busy having 400 sudden kids and Roman was busy sorting out his whole stolen life). And I can’t remember them interacting when she was in town for 15 minutes back in 2008 with that insane red non-Bonnie hair.

Point being… why am I spending time thinking about this?

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6 Comments on “Nothing’s Fine. I’m Torn.”

  1. Dan Says:

    When they initially revisited Jennifer / Daniel, I was okay because I thought there was story there to explore. In reality, neither Chloe nor J.J. have been viable threats to Dannifer’s grand love. If they pursue Daniel / Theresa, I reserve the right to withhold the statement.

    I still fail to muster sympathy for J.J. I think his hatred for Daniel makes no sense. If J.J. thought Daniel was going to hurt his mother like he hurt all the other women in his (Daniel’s) life, I could justify J.J.’s behavior. As it currently stands, J.J.’s general motivation is I need to honor my father, which, in my opinion, is a bit weak. I don’t buy this “J.J. is emotionally crippled by Jack’s death” argument. He isn’t sitting in the house moping. He returns to town and picks up a group of friends in a hot minute and starts a small pot dealing business after being caught dealing at school. I thought Nicole’s argument was spot on; Jack wouldn’t condone J.J.’s behavior.

    Daniel is only a threat to J.J. and Jennifer’s relationship because J.J. made himself one. I truly believe Daniel thinks J.J. is dangerous after the Parker incident. At it stands now, yes, I think Daniel believes the worst of J.J., but, truthfully, a lot of the arguments aren’t wrong. J.J.’s illegal activities and Machiavellian tactics hardly register as golden son honoring his father’s legacy. J.J. calling Jennifer a slut for kissing Daniel was crossing the line. Should Daniel have gotten physical? At seventeen, I hardly see J.J. as a young, innocent victim being roughed up by brutish Daniel.

    In terms of Jennifer’s motivation, my problem is she is enabling, and, worse, she is aware she’s enabling. Things have improved between her and J.J., but he is still manipulating her left and right. I think this is Daniel’s main point of contention.

    The one element I do like is Daniel continually keeps quiet about J.J.’s antics until he implodes, which works in sabotaging Jennifer and Daniel’s relationship. He doesn’t tell her everything (his suspicions about the car, his conversation with Nicole about J.J.’s behavior, etc.) and then it builds until he explodes. It makes Daniel’s reasoning rationale to the audience and irrational to JEnnifer giving them realistic conflict. The problem is I’m just over Dannifer.

    As interesting point regarding audience sympathy, I think we should consider the recent Gabi / Nick reunion. When Gabi thought Will might be coming home, Nick gladly made a quick exit and agreed to remain quiet about the reconciliation not to cause conflict for Gabi and the boys. I thought it was interesting that they had Nick make this statement during the same week we Daniel refuse to do the same with Jennifer.

    BTW, I’m loving the Gabi / Nick angst, and have quickly bored of the treatment of Will. The whole “people cannot change” when we are in the middle of a story where Will has committed a crime (withholding evidence) in order to keep mum about another crime (shooting E.J.) is a bit much. I preferred Sonny and Will when Sonny was making comments like “well, there’s taking it slow, and then there’s taking it slow” after dating Will for two months.

    Regarding Adrienne and Roman, I guess they weren’t onscreen together. To be fair, Adrienne knew John when he was Roman so she has sort of known him for a long time. In a way, it angers me that everyone goes around Salem making a pariah out of Adrienne because she proved Sami was a liar. You would have thought the woman manufactured evidence or sold someone’s baby on the black market. Maybe if Roman and the rest of the Brady family made Sami own up to the fact that her actions led to her imprisonment that Sami would learn something. As it stands now, Sami is the way she is because her family refuses to hold her accountable for her actions.

    End of rant. Great blog as usual.

  2. mykleraus Says:

    Good point about Will/Gabi/Nick. I really, really love that they’re playing the complications of this arrangement. A bunch of college students, no matter how good their intentions, are going to struggle with raising a baby. They’re selfish people, because they’re young and they didn’t plan for this. And Will wrongly assumed that Nick was out of the picture. It’s all just nicely complicated and interesting to watch.

    You’re right about the threats to “Dannifer” not being very legit. JJ is more viable than Chloe to me, because all she was doing was lying and manipulating — at least here, Jennifer is genuinely torn between her son and this man. (I do think the most viable threat, not that I really want to see it play out, is if JJ’s irresponsibility led to him pulling a Chelsea/Zach situation on Parker.)

    I know we disagree on JJ, but I’ll admit that I have been inferring a lot of his motivation. They could do a much better job of showing the complexities of his motivation. I don’t think we’re supposed to see him as outwardly grieving Jack or being torn up. I think the attitude and the drugs are his genuine reaction to having his family torn apart. I don’t think we’re supposed to see it as actually defending Jack’s memory — just that that’s what is causing him to act like such an a-hole. He’s burying it in a lot of anger and a lot of brash, risky behavior. I also don’t think he dislikes Daniel for Daniel; I think he would resent any man in that position, because Jennifer moving on means that their family is officially “over” in one sense. There’s also something to be played about JJ’s anger about having been left at boarding school for so long and/or his guilt about never having come home. He basically missed out on the last time their family was together and happy (last spring, before the Daysaster), with J&J reunited and Abigail living with them. I wish they’d explore that in more depth.

  3. Erin L. Says:

    UGH!!! I hate them all! JJ is a bratt but he has a point that his mom got with Daniel before Jack, who was supposed to be the love of her life, was cold in the ground. It also made me super happy to see him get arested!

    Jen is just freaking boring and has a stick up her ass.

    Dan…well he’s hot and thats the only reason I pay attention to him but I am getting sick of his huffing puffing and brooding all the time. (btw considering who his parents are every time I see Parker onscreen I am surprised he isnt a carrot.)

    The only person in this entire situation I am rooting for is Ann Milbauer. All she wants is for Jen to do her damn job.

    • mykleraus Says:

      And Anne is the one who will never get what she wants!

      LOL about Parker. That kid doesn’t stand a chance of retaining the coloring of “normal Caucasian person.”

  4. Maybe Adrienne was confusing Roman with Chris Kositcheck, who defended her through her murder trial in 1987. It’s an easy mistake!

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