She’s Only One Ruffled Blouse Away

Did Nicole turn into Maggie when I wasn’t looking?

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 9.47.31 AM

Seriously, in what world does she have any business telling Daniel that Jennifer might think she’s pregnant? I rarely call bullshit on character motivations these days (usually just on issues of time/space/common sense), but you mean to tell me that Nicole Walker — the woman who went so far as to pretend she slept with Rafe so that EJ wouldn’t know he was the father of her child — thinks that Daniel needs to know about this potential pregnancy even before Jennifer takes the test? Maaaaaybe if they highlighted the fact that she still blames herself and the lie for the child’s death. Maybe. But all I see is Nicole swanning around with that smug grin on her face like she’s doing her “friends” a favor by butting into their damn business, which… no. Just no.

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