So Fertile

I hope you all enjoyed the incredibly subtle writing and camerawork in that scene of Eric talking to the parishioner about her surprise pregnancy.

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 12.40.52 PM

You know, the scene in which that woman — who had previously commented on how well Kristen and Eric worked together and how they have such a visible bond (in the same way that every single stranger whom Carrie and Mike encountered for all of 1998 just had to comment on what a beautiful and CLEARLY-IN-LOVE COUPLE they were) — proceeded to go on and on about how she just found out she’s pregnant and she wasn’t even trying and she’s just so busy that she forgets about her cycle. I’ll understand if you missed it. It was soooo subtle. Just kidding. She did everything but fling a tampon at Kristen and shout, “Do you need this? Are you menstruating RIGHT NOW?! Uh-oh!!!”

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 12.41.04 PM

“Am I??”

I think it’s pretty clear that, if you live in Salem and want to get pregnant, probably the best thing you can do (besides having sex with someone you absolutely should not have sex with) is get diagnosed as being infertile. Not having fertility problems, but NEVER BEING ABLE TO CONCEIVE A CHILD EVER. It worked for Nicole, and it’s apparently working for Kristen, too.

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3 Comments on “So Fertile”

  1. Dan Says:

    I’m hoping this doesn’t go there. I hope they resist the urge to have Kristen give birth to Marlena’s grandchild. There’s just too much WTFery involved for me to care. I’m hoping this is simply a vehicle for Kristen’s affair with Eric to come to light.

    Did they ever say specifically why Kristen, or Nicole for that matter, can’t have children? I believe Nicole was shot, but what was damaged? I know Kristen lost her son with John, but I don’t remember what specifically was happening.

    Given the current story, it really is a shame that Kristen couldn’t have arrived a month earlier and been involved in the death of Nicole’s child.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I get the appeal of that Kristen/Marlena setup, but… yeah. It kinda rubs me the wrong way. Then again, Kristen having Eric’s baby and taking off with it would keep Eric in story without having to defrock him because he sleeps with Nicole, which is so the obvious way to go. It’s another one of those “maybe this is worth the WTFery” situations for me.

      I wasn’t really watching when Kristen lost John’s baby (I became a full-time viewer very shortly afterward), but I know it happened in that explosion in the sewers of Paris. I assume she had some vague internal injury and was told that it would be very, very difficult for her to conceive ever again.

      • Dan Says:

        Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved some of the stuff. Nicole and Kristen bickering. Nicole jumping to conclusions that Jen is pregnant. Kristen referencing all those barren bible matrons. Kristen even admitted she cannot have a child and then tells Nicole its something they could bond over.

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