Can I Come to the Next One?

Does this mean I’m gonna have to stop mocking the book club?

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Everything about Monday’s and especially Tuesday’s adventures at the Horton house was perfect. Perfect. Jennifer was making Alice’s donuts for her book club meeting, and JJ decided to make a batch of his own with a special ingredient, and of course the two batches got mixed up because Adrienne thought JJ’s looked good or didn’t want to eat Jennifer’s or some other contrived reason that I don’t even care about because it was all so worth it.

Julie got herself handcuffed and was ranting and raving about cruises and shih-tzus. Kayla was gobbling peanut butter with a spoon and got obsessed with eating tacos. Alice in Wonderland was the perfect book for them to be attempting to discuss in the midst of all this lunacy… and all the while, JJ and his friends were shoveling donuts into their faces, trying to figure out why the pot wasn’t working.

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It was just so much fun. They even made a point of playing up the awkwardness of Nicole being there, and it made so much sense as part of her attempt to evolve into the woman she thinks she should be for Eric, even though she felt left out and weird. Even the idiocy (Jennifer and Nicole gabbing about the book club in that total WTF moment) turns out to be headed somewhere lately! Does this mean it’s going to be revealed that Nicole has actually been terribly dressed so that someone could submit her to be on What Not to Wear, where she’ll meet a rich man who will sweep her off her feet? Is nothing safe to mock in the world anymore?!

Kudos to Richard Culliton for a fantastic script and to all these ladies for having so much fun. I truly think this will go down as one of those classic Days episodes we talk about years from now. And, as a bonus: the Horton kitchen!

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 7.25.59 AM

I’m so delighted that I’m barely going to mention how — in the spirit of all things being set up for a reason — Nicole randomly telling Daniel that she saw JJ with his friends is somehow going to lead to Saint Daniel figuring out that JJ made pot donuts and that the ladies ate them and that JJ is evil and Daniel is perfect and GET ME A DONUT NOW.


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18 Comments on “Can I Come to the Next One?”

  1. UnderYourWing Says:

    even tho some things did not make much sense ( whats her face’s reason for switching the donuts for one…) i was so HAPPY with the episode!! marijuana should NOT be legal….it should be MANDATORY!

  2. It’s official : the number of people in Salem who have used marijuana is now higher than the number of people who have been possessed by the Devil. Hooray!!!

  3. William Says:

    Honestly though how did Nicole of all people not catch on the to fact that she and everyone else was high? She’s not exactly the saintly one of the group.

    As for Adrienne switching the doughnuts she thought that JJs looked bad and since he went through the trouble to make them that she would give him the nicer looking ones for his friends. So I kinda get it. I’m sure a mom would swap out some sad looking cookies her child was going to bring soemwhere for nicer looking ones that would impress everyone.

    • mykleraus Says:

      It seemed really weird to me that a) at least Nicole — if not Kayla, who is a damn doctor — wouldn’t be like, “Hey, were we drugged?” and/or b) someone wouldn’t accuse Nicole of having drugged them.

      Adrienne’s mission to switch the donuts was just hilarious to me. The reasoning made sense, but they made such a big deal of it. She could have just been like, “Oh, these look better” and swapped them and had that be the end of it, instead of it taking up like three scenes and a dramatic “WILL SHE GET CAUGHT???” moment.

    • UnderYourWing Says:

      yeah i watched the show i saw ONE donut of the creeps that maybe had the sads to an extent
      they ALL LOOKED the same….but hey its a dope opera right??

  4. JENN: I’m calling Hope.
    KAYLA: Calling Hope what?

  5. fluffysmom Says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. It was great to see the ladies having fun for a change. Kayla and Julie were so funny. I hope JJ makes donuts for the next book club meeting.

  6. Dan Says:

    I really hope the book club becomes a recurring time filler with a different group of women each time. It was nice to include Julie especially since she wasn’t overly relevant to any of the secondary story. I hope she and/or Doug pop up again before the holidays. It was nice when we were seeing them fairly frequently and Julie’s last appearance (defending Gabi and Nick to Sami) was a real gem.

    I died when Jen offered the cop a donut. I thought that was a brilliant moment. Julie’s failed magic act was another treat. I hope Julie’s rant against cruises means she and Doug will settle in Salem for a bit.

    If Nicole secures an invite, can we please get one with Anne Milbauer.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’d like if we could see Julie and Doug a bit more. I actually really miss seeing Hope and Bo’s house (though I get why it hasn’t been used in so long), and they were a big part of making that branch of the family feel filled-out. Julie *was* used really well in Nick’s story, though, and I’m grateful for that.

      There was SO MUCH hilarious stuff at the book club. I honestly didn’t know this show was capable of comedy at that level.

      • Dan Says:

        Yeah, Bo / Hope were such a staple, stable couple even when the vets were leaving left and right. Yes, Bo and Hope were breaking up do to stress in their marriage related to unresolved resentments dating back to Zack, but we knew Bo and Hope were get back together. I do wish the show had allowed one of Bo and Hope’s adult children to stay around. I would have preferred Chelsea because of the inherent story conflict with Hope rather than Shawn D with the inherent story conflict that is Shelle.

        I miss the use of living room / kitchen sets. It is ridiculous how much I would kill to see Maggie’s kitchen set again. It reminds me of so much of what was special about the show during the Silver Age (late 2008-mid 2011).

  7. […] as actors and characters — was a treat. This was almost like a scaled-back version of the Saylum Wimminz Buk Klub: Pot Donut Edition, with Julie having an appropriate venue for her wackiness (grinding on the stripper!) and Caroline […]

  8. I want the episode of Adrienne pot donuts & the stoned book club which is the same show of August 2013 it’s a great epiode

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