Did Anyone Make Clam Chowder or Donuts?

I’ve been meaning to post about this for almost a week, but I was hoping Hulu would get the damn episode up so I could link to it. Anyway! Did anyone else catch the Days-featuring episode of Top Chef Masters? (Hulu doesn’t have it active as of this posting, but try, I guess.)


The challenge was something about “creating a soap opera-themed meal,” and they had all these fun little soap twists in the middle of the episode. It was corny as hell, but I smiled a lot watching it. And a number of Days cast members got to be a part of the meal and the judging. It’s worth watching if for nothing aside from the shockingly cringe-worthy moment where Galen Gering refers to the sexual experience of eating a dish and Drake Hogestyn asks, “Did you achieve blood flow?” ACHIEVE BLOOD FLOW. I’m dead.

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5 Comments on “Did Anyone Make Clam Chowder or Donuts?”

  1. rustyspigot Says:

    They should have had the ladies book club be on the show after some more of JJ’s donuts. But, yeah. Way to be nasty Drake. Also, loved how the one contestant completely dismissed the cast’s opinion and being basically beneath them.

  2. rustyspigot Says:

    You may be an accomplished chef, but you are on a reality show. On Bravo.

  3. Favorite moment was when Deidre said “I’m tired of eating this.”

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