So Mean, Mean, Mean

“Here’s the damn problem: he already got a cow — me!”

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 10.30.05 AM

How fun was this? As much as I want to see Susan Banks running around for a while — and I’d kill for a Susan/EJ scene, after all these years — I thought this was handled well. Kristen was kinda-sorta being Susan, but mostly just using her as inspiration for this other character.

What really killed me, though, was Brady’s reason for becoming suspicious of Kristen. “She went to work… in the middle of the day!” And Jennifer, on one of her customary three-hour breaks from the hospital, just stood there and nodded like, “Yeah, that’s weird. Who does that?!”

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3 Comments on “So Mean, Mean, Mean”

  1. Dan Says:

    This is the kind of stuff that I feel torn over. It was funny as hell and provided some genuinely comical moments, but this is shtick DAYS has worked so hard to get away from. How could Mason Ventura take this seriously? The sad thing is I’m sure some sad soul turned on their tv to this and thought this was all typical DAYS and turned the channel.

    I would like some Susan before ED leaves as I think it is so important to E.J.’s character since they seem committed to making him Sami’s one and only. I think it is important to establish that bond that has been missing. Ah well, DAYS is DAYS.

    • mykleraus Says:

      One thing I’ve liked about the New Days (2009-present — and yes, for once, I’m including MarDar!) is that they’ve done a nice job of integrating various periods of the show into something surprisingly cohesive. They’ve even referenced Marlena’s possession a time or two, in ways that make it feel like the characters remember things that happened even if they don’t want to explicitly state things and take us out of the (semi-)reality of the current story. So I liked this because it was just Kristen in a disguise, up to a scheme, but it gave us a chance to see ED sort of play Susan — and the comedy was intentional, which always helps.

      • Dan Says:

        You make an interesting point about tying everything together. In small doses, I’m okay with this sort of thing and since ED is on her way out I doubt we’ll see this sort of thing again.

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