Bernardi Meets World

How did I just figure out that the actor who played Bernardi, Anthony Tyler Quinn, was also Mr. Turner, the teacher on Boy Meets World?!



My mind. It is blown.

Isn’t that mullet motive enough for Sami to have shot him, though? I mean, if she had shot Mr. Feeny, I’d be marching around the Town Square demanding she get the death penalty (again), but Mr. Turner? Enh. Though I guess it’s kind of insensitive, considering he got into that motorcycle crash and was apparently in a coma for years on end already…

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6 Comments on “Bernardi Meets World”

  1. UnderYourWing Says:

    “never say anything bad about the dead….”
    He’s dead…..good. Where else would they go without this happening?? Aldo
    I betcha right when Stefano tells Chad YES (he was a dirty cop and )arranged for him to kill Rafe Chad drops dead of an aneurysm so no one else knows the truth??

    • Dan Says:

      The beautiful thing is Stefano can honestly say he didn’t send Bernardi in the room to kill him.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’m completely spoiler-free, so I’m trying to figure out where this thing with Chad’s head is going. I’ll be thrilled if it plays into the bigger Sami story, as opposed to some lame medical issue for his non-triangle with Abigail and Cameron.

      • Dan Says:

        It’s funny. There aren’t as many spoilers out there as there use to be. I don’t read the mags, and the articles aren’t posted as much lately. Also, the weekly spoilers are getting pretty vague and keep major touches (Theresa is Jeannie) secret.

      • mykleraus Says:

        And for that, I am thankful. They seem to have cracked down a ton in the past 8-10 months. Especially with taping so far ahead, it’s really good for the show.

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