Take Two (and Three, and Four…)

We seem to be getting a whole bunch of Kayla/Abe scenes again, huh?

Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 12.54.49 PM

I’m actually finding myself less irritated by the possibility of pairing them now. Maybe because Kayla isn’t so damn thirsty. Last year, it was all, “Hey, Abe! Did you hear I’m single now? I divorced Steve because he didn’t text me back, LOL. So, is your wife dead yet?!”

Speaking of familiar scenarios: Anyone want to take bets on how many times Adrienne is going to whip out her phone to show someone the Only Video of Baby Arianna Ever, only to get distracted by a conversation/Maggie spilling lemonade/whatever? Or how many more times Cameron is going to badger Chad about getting his head checked after he hit it on the Fourth of July? What attentive care. Jennifer gets a heart transplant and is running around f***ing her surgeon and getting arrested fifteen minutes later, but Chad gets a bump on the head and can’t take two steps without being reminded to go get checked out. Gee, I wonder if this cavalier attitude is going to come back to bite him in the ass!

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8 Comments on “Take Two (and Three, and Four…)”

  1. We’re totally going to have a DiMera death on Halloween! (After some Chabby sex occurs)

  2. Dan Says:

    Last September, I went to the Days fan event they held in Connecticut. James Reynolds was there and he was trying to drum up support for Kayla / Abe. There was a lot more than I expected, but I don’t think it’s a story to pursue. I like both actors, but there is no story there. I would be wonderful if Fay was still around because I would love to see how that would have played out. Anyway, I would like to see Abe fall for a woman who is tricking him and is looking to live the good life. A sort of Bonnie Lockhart type so at least it would give Reynolds something decent to play.

    The Kayla / Abe scenes this past week weren’t that bad. They worked because Kayla isn’t all up on Abe and a significant amount of time has passed since Lexi passed. All so, this is clearly a B-story or C-story where MarDar were treating it like it was an up and coming A-story.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I really like that idea, though I think the Bonnie-type would have to be connected elsewhere on the canvas to make it relevant. Maybe Mrs. Hernandez could be a golddigger, or… I dunno, just something to tie it in with other stuff, especially since Lexie is gone and that angle wouldn’t be play-able.

      • Dan Says:

        Oh, I would bring in a mother-daughter pair with the daughter being one of those suffering antagonists who does bad things but we still feel sorry for her. I was thinking an ex-girlfriend of Cameron’s, hoping to give him something to do. Of course, the mother would be a real piece of work and I think mother-daughter would keep their connection to one another quiet while each attempts to accomplish their own goal.

      • mykleraus Says:

        That could be fun! Giving people some built-in ties like that helps a lot, though I think there’s always the possible stigma of “Newbies eating the show!” – which is often a ridiculous, hair-trigger reaction. A good example (though the characters turned into messes) was how AMC brought in Babe and her mother, Krystal. JR Chandler came home, having married Babe after a whirlwind romance, and her white-trash mother, Krystal, followed. So they were integrated already, but not by blood (until later retcons).

  3. My vote is for Kate and Abe. Kind of like the Maggie/Victor pairing in reverse. Kate can open Abe to some fun and wild experiences. While Abe taps into that part of Kate that at least TRIES to do the right thing. Anyone else up for, “Kabe”?

    • mykleraus Says:

      I get it. For me, Kate’s too sexy and dynamic to be saddled with either Abe or Roman, because they’re both kind of… dull. It worked with Stefano because he’s so dastardly. It’d be nice to get someone in there like John Martin’s Bill Horton, who’s her age-ish but still sexy and interesting.

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