Dawn of the Donovan

So: JJ’s Older Woman Who is Older, “Theresa,” is really Jeannie Donovan, the daughter of Kim and Shane.

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 10.51.13 AM

Except she’s Theresa, not “Theresa,” because apparently that is her middle name and she goes by it because she hates the name Jeannie. (Some people are all up in arms that they just invented this middle name for her, because apparently the Shane/Kim fans decided a long time ago that her middle name was Caroline even though that was never established on the show, and I’m going to stop talking about this before I fall into a poisonous rage.)

You know, I was going to rag on Jennifer for not recognizing Theresa when she caught her in her house, but a) I can legitimately believe that she hasn’t seen Kim and Shane’s kids in a decade or more, and b) this is a woman who didn’t recognize her own damn husband when he was lurking three feet away from her, because he had a beard.

This is actually a pretty smart character to bring in, because while she’s connected to Salem and related to Caroline, Kayla, Roman, Sami, Eric, and Will, she isn’t related to a single other person. I hope they play up the history of her older sister, Eve, having been rivals with Jennifer, because I’m enjoying Jen in Pissed Off Mom mode far more than I am in Lovelorn Jonas Admirer mode.

And how can you not like a girl who makes it her first priority in a new town (ahead of scoring drugs, even!) to take a photo in front of a random gate and post it on Facebook?

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 11.21.50 AM

Kudos to Days. That actually resembles Facebook. I was half-expecting to see a Polaroid taped to JJ’s computer screen, but they’ve actually been kind of on top of things as far as approximating 21st century technology lately.

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6 Comments on “Dawn of the Donovan”

  1. Dan Says:

    Theresa/Jeannie Donovan was a pleasant surprise. I had heard Lilley was playing Jeannie, but thought someone was mistaken based on how things had been playing out onscreen. When Kayla revealed she was Jeannie on Tuesday, I was pleasantly surprised. Kudos for Days for such a wonderful reveal.

    I know she is controversial, but I’m really enjoying Lilley. Her reaction to learning Jennifer was her boss and her dismissal of Sami were priceless. She reminds me of Molly Burnett. I sort of hope she fills the void of Melanie / Molly Burnett as I think Kate Mansi would make a great foil akin to Stephanie / Shelley Henning. This show needed a female schemer in its younger set.

    Regarding Jeannie’s middle name, I just laugh. I also have now heard it’s suppose to be Jeannie Margaret. These people are too much. But then again, why shouldn’t they be justified when the show takes a previously unnamed country and starts calling it Alamania like the fans have.

    I’ll be even more controversial. I think Theresa would have worked as a character even if she wasn’t Jeannie Donovan. The show has been crippled by its insistence that everyone be a damn Horton, Brady, Dimera, or have a tie to a character created prior to 1985. It is possible to respect the past while focusing on the future.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yeah, I saw the thing about how her name is “supposed” to be either Jeannie Caroline or Margaret Jean because Shane gave two different names for his mother on separate occasions fueled by different head writers or SOMETHING. The name Theresa is kind of random, but if that’s the big issue here… I think we’ll be fine, you know?

      I agree that the Theresa we’ve seen so far would be working if she weren’t Jeannie Donovan, but I don’t think it’s going to hurt, either. It’s actually a smart character to introduce, because it gives her some connections without limiting story potential (unless they decide to pair her with Eric the priest or Will the homosexual, she isn’t related to any of the potential guys). One of the issues I think they had with Madison was that, while they had a talented performer, she was emotionally isolated from the cast. She was keeping things from Brady, she was sniping at Kate, she and Sami never developed a real friendship because so much was happening behind closed doors… I think it’d have helped immensely if Madison had had one solid connection (OR IF SHE HAD BEEN SARAH HORTON — sorry). So being able to see Theresa’s more sympathetic side with Caroline, Kayla, and her cousins is a big plus in my book.

  2. Dan Says:

    I’m not complaining about Theresa being Jeannie, but I think it’s important that the show allow itself to have other options. I was really hoping one of the two new females was Vargas’ wife. If you recall, Nick and Gabi married as Vargas got out of prison and put his wedding ring on. His wife is out there.

    Madison, and Ian for that matter, didn’t work because MarDar were awful at pretty much all the crucial soap elements. The Madison / Kate / Ian backstory was bizarre. When was this Ian / Kate story suppose to have happened, before Kate came to Salem? How old was Madison when she married Ian, twelve? Ian came in with all these ties (he was a secret backer in Common Grounds, he knew Victor, and I think he knew John too). Ian was never seen with anyone after his first couple weeks but Kate and Brady and Madison. It was all too isolated. At one time, I thought Madison and E.J. should have been the coupling, but I cannot remember why. It had to do with involving the character in other orbits and I felt she would have interacted with more people with E.J.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Nicole is a great example of an unrelated character who has continued to work because they found interesting dynamics for her. She FEELS related to people, even if she literally does not have a single relative in Salem at the moment. But given her history with Victor, EJ, and Brady, her closeness with Eric, her animosity with Sami and Kate, etc., she is woven into the canvas as well as anyone with blood relatives.

      That Madison story was just a disaster — and I liked Sarah Brown, but still! I still sense that the backstory was going to be that Ian was her father and Kate was the woman who destroyed Madison’s parents’ marriage, but then people guessed that (…because it was obvious), and MarDar tried to switch it up and trick us, but that just convoluted everything. I never, ever believed that Ian and Madison loved or even liked each other.

      • Dan Says:

        For some reason, I thought they would reveal Madison was married to Quinn Hudson since they fired him, brought him back, and did absolutely nothing with him.

        The time to bring in Sarah Horton was 2009/2010 during Maggie’s renaissance. The should have cast an actress for Alice’s funeral and kept her on afterwards. Honestly though, there really was no obvious story for her. A strong headwriter could have developed something, but I think it would have cause the audience to go crazy.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I definitely agree about the timing with Sarah. I’d still be open to having her, because I think she’s a Horton who a) isn’t biologically related to everyone in town and b) doesn’t have a cavalcade of insane stories in her past. And I believe her only relatives who’d be potential love interests would be Daniel and Lucas (who’s not technically related to her). Considering how many men they have in that age bracket — Brady, Rafe, Eric, EJ — she could prove useful. I keep planning to write a post about this, but they’ve tried so hard to add one more female to that group, and they really need to figure it out.

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