Nothing to See Here

I thought the intercutting between Sami’s grand jury hearing and Bernardi’s memorial was very effective.I was honestly surprised that the grand jury opted not to indict Sami… but of course, that video is going to turn up (it’s totally on Adrienne’s phone, right?), and she’ll be in deeper shit than she just was.

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 9.52.45 PM

And I hope that when I go to that big Brady Pub in the sky, my loved ones are thoughtful enough to organize a memorial with an American flag, officers in uniform, and some sensible bridesmaids’ dresses in a variety of summery hues.

FUNERAL IN A MALL, you guys.

It almost makes the way this Brent guy is going on and on to Sonny about the “Fourth of July rave” seem normal. Almost.

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2 Comments on “Nothing to See Here”

  1. Dan Says:

    Regarding Sami’s indictment, there was no motive given for the murder. Of course, said video would imply there was something going on.

    I don’t always pay attention. Was it a memorial or was it an all out funeral in the Horton Town Square? I’m okay with a memorial because he was a police officer and the square is sort of this vague catch all. Also I didn’t expect this for Bernardi, who was really such a minor character. Hell, all of Salem died last year and all they got was a mass celebration in the Brady pub. Really, MarDar were channeling Ellen Wheeler and David Kriezman with a lot of their crap. At least when Alice died, they pulled out the stops. When they killed off Ross Marler on “Guiding Light,” they pulled the coffee cart out of the 5th Street set in order to roll in the casket. Talk about WTFery.

    It’s a shame they didn’t think this out a bit more as they probably could have pulled the church set out for Kristen and Brady’s non wedding and then had Eric operate out of the church for a few weeks before having the funeral and possible little Arianna’s baptism, which they’ve spoken about. I imagine the church is a big set and is probably a bitch to pull out.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I think they said it was a memorial, but still. The middle of the mall! And Sami was just strutting through like any old retail customer. It’s stupid, but I get the lack of sets and all that.

      LOL about MarDar being like Ellen Wheeler. It was getting perilously close to that with all the shit happening in the Town Square. If Marlena and Jen had been changing clothes in the bathroom or Nicole had been grabbing a Slurpee in the gas station, we would have officially been there.

      I think the church has to be a pain in the ass. It’s huge, considering the size of most of the sets. And it’s not the most diverse as far as usage. I wish they could come up with one more common area that wasn’t… THE MALL.

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