Back to the Attic With You

Goodness. You let old Garbage Disposal Mouth out in society for ten seconds, and he knocks your refreshing can of Cola Cool all over important church documents!

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 10.06.46 AM

I get the sense that they’re trying to do something with Roman, but I’ll be damned if I have any clue what it is. Seeing him kind of makes me sad these days. He’s so on the fringes of everything. He wasn’t even there for the birth of his first great-grandchild — has he even met Arianna yet? — and now they took away his job, which was basically his only reason for ever showing up. Can they at least make reference to some fishing trips or some kooky hobby he’s picked up or something? I’m getting depressed just writing about him.

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7 Comments on “Back to the Attic With You”

  1. UnderYourWing Says:

    now that you bring it up why the hell did they not get rid of him instead of BO? ….maybe they should do a brief scene of him getting a new toupe???

  2. Dan Says:

    Josh Taylor’s Roman is fine. I’m sure the show doesn’t waste too much money on him. The show is very by the book if you look at episode guarantees. He probably is only contracted 1 episode a week, which really isn’t much considering I doubt he commanding a huge pay rate per episode.

    I’m sure the show would have kept Reckell if he had agreed to their terms. I don’t blame Reckell for leaving, but I think the show has wisely spent the money elsewhere. It would appear Reckell went from 3 to 2 episodes a week back in 2008. He probably was hoping to go back up in 2012 when times seemed better for “Days.” The problem is “Days” has done well because they’ve moved past the days of highly paid stars. Soaps were successful because they were inexpensive. I feel sorry for Reckell, but I think we are looking at the reality. He was never going to be in the A-story again.

    I can’t figure out what they are trying to do with Roman either. I think they were attempting to try Roman / Marlena again, but I don’t think they’ve sparked. I thought we would get more Roman / Marlena / Eric scenes, but Marlena has been spending almost all her time bitching about John to Hope.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Josh Taylor is doing this for the health insurance at this point, I’m sure. Which is fine. I just wish they’d give Roman something to do OFFSCREEN, which requires nothing more than some dialogue. Honestly, cast some woman in a short-term role and let him be with her. I just feel like Roman’s life is SO sad because he barely gets to turn up when his children have important stuff going on.

      I’m pretty sure Reckell will be back. Just come back recurring, pop up a few times a year, and don’t make us wonder where the hell on Earth Bo is. They don’t NEED Bo as far as story, but they need those tentpoles for stability.

      • Dan Says:

        Bo doesn’t need a story, but his presence would be nice. I know this would not please the Internet masses, but I wouldn’t be against a recast. Actually, I think Jeffrey Meek (ex-Quinn, SFT / ex- Craig, ATWT) would be a stellar recast. I’m not saying he needs to be contract, but a situation similar to Kevin Dobbins, when they actually used him, would be acceptable.

        I think Reckell will be back, but I’m not as optimistic as you in terms of any sort of longevity. I suspect the next time we see Reckell it will be Bo’s official exit.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I honestly just don’t think I could see anyone else as Bo. I’m not 100% against a recast if it’s the only way to keep Bo present, but there’s a certain rough loveability to Reckell (and his Bo) that I’m not sure a lot of other guys would bring. Meek seems a little too… white-collar for Bo, at least from what I’ve seen of him. It’s a shame that Robert Kelker-Kelly is such an asshole, because it’s one of the few situations where there IS a built-in perfect recast. (Though he was very gray during his recent cameo on GH, and he isn’t acting much these days anyway…)

      • Dan Says:

        re: RKK

        I loved RKK and was a huge Carly / Bo fan when RKK was in the role. I was devastated when they sent Carly off to live with Nicky and Lawrence. I thought Carly would have her memory return and she and Bo would have remained together forever. It killed me. It took me years to see what a treasure Peter Reckell really was.

        re: Meek

        I watched him in the AOL reruns of SFT and thought he was a solid Quinn, the sort of rebel son of an Irish family. Based on this work, I think Meek could pull off Bo.

        I wish I could be as optimistic regarding Reckell.

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