What Happened In Salem: Week of June 24th

Another week, another well-meaning Nicole Walker plan that is going to blow up in her face…

Eric, at death’s door because of the drugs Kristen gave him, was rushed to University Hospital, which is sort of like taking a fish out its tank, throwing it on the carpet, and hoping for the best. Miraculously, Eric pulled through, though Daniel suspected he had been poisoned. Nicole, a.k.a. The Woman Who Never Learned a Lesson, pulled a blackmail scheme in order to ensure that the school would open after all. Eric was grateful and made many bold proclamations about how “this never would have been possible without Nicole,” in turn giving her the chance to shift her eyes all over the place and look guilty as hell without anyone noticing. A sex scandal, a near-death experience, and complete obliviousness? Aww, Father Eric is finally becoming a real Salemite!

Read the rest to catch up on What Happened In Salem last week!

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