Two-Star Plan for a Two-Star Hotel

Well, here’s a foolproof plan if I ever saw one.

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 7.46.20 AM

What if there had been people in Room 201 who weren’t just willing to move out in the middle of their damn stay so another customer could take that room? What if the lock on the door between the rooms hadn’t been so easy to pick?

Then again, it’s not like she could be identified. Think about the police questioning:

“What did the woman look like?”
“She was wearing a really ridiculous wig and talking in an accent like Natasha from Rocky & Bullwinkle.”
“Did she happen to be a middle-aged black psychic?”
“No, I’m pretty sure she was white.”
“Hmm, a white person stupid enough to think that a terrible wig and a worse accent would be a sufficient disguise. Sami… Kate… John… Oh, shit, I’m stumped!”

Having not seen Friday’s episode yet, I have no idea what the hell Kristen is hoping to accomplish. This all seems rather risky and complicated and insane, right? Never change, girl.

On the other hand, any plan that includes this

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 7.48.54 AM

— is a plan I can get onboard with. Carry on.

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8 Comments on “Two-Star Plan for a Two-Star Hotel”

  1. UnderYourWing Says:

    yet more convoluted nonsense here….2 vials…of what? makes him insane enough to want to penetrate this psycho?? moose and squirrel indeed…..

    • mykleraus Says:

      “Penetrate this psycho,” LOL. I’m also glad she felt free to spend 20 minutes hovering over him on the bed and didn’t even bother to put her phone on silent.

  2. Dan Says:

    As more time passes, I’m finding that while the show is certainly better plotted in terms of sequencing and story structure, I still miss Dena Higley’s DAYS immensely. I’m not as emotionally invested in the stories as I was then because they were always driven by strong emotions. I don’t buy Kristen’s revenge against Marlena via Eric because I don’t believe in the bond between Eric / Marlena. I find the bond between Eric / Nicole strong and between Sami / Eric well developed, but the Marlena / Eric relationship is lacking. Part of that is due to the lack of Marlena / Eric screen time, but Marlena isn’t a warm character. She’s cold and clinical, which is fascinating, but it doesn’t work in this type of story.

    With that said, I enjoy the Nicole / Eric / Brady/ Kristen dynamic and am interested in some of the interplay there (mainly Brady / Eric and Eric / Nicole), but the crux of the story (Marlena / Kristen over Eric) is weak due to story and casting.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I can see what you mean. Kristen’s plan feels rather… plot-driven, because it’s so complicated and confusing. JUST KILL MARLENA, ya know? It’s so interesting to me that in this entire story, Kristen is the one I’m emotionally invested in, even when she is making idiotic decisions. At least they feel strongly motivated.

      Do you think Greg Vaughan is a weak choice for Eric? I really like him — even if he doesn’t resemble Jensen Ackles or his onscreen family at all — but I’ve seen a lot of complaints online.

  3. Dan Says:

    When I said weak casting, I was referring to Deidre Hall as Marlena, in her present form, isn’t up to the task to carry a dramatic story. I don’t buy Marlena as the mother / “Alice Horton”-lite that fans try to pass her off as. Hall’s Marlena is clinical, logical, and emotionally repressed. In that sense, she is a fascinating character. Notice how no one called out Kristen for saying Marlena isn’t in touch with her sexuality because the statement was on point. Hall has done an excellent job crafting this cool figure under pressure who remains mainly nonresponsive to emotional dilemmas. Her current situation with John is different because Hall is playing it like this might be it. Marlena and John have both damaged their relationship and neither seems to be sure whether or not they can go back.

    In terms of the Kristen story, I don’t see how Kristen bedding Eric will cause havoc in Marlena’s life. Kristen is exploiting a bond that has never been given much effort (Eric / Marlena) and expects a strong emotional outcome. It would have been much more intense if Kristen and Eric had formed a strong emotional connection that Eric has never really been able to form with his own mother because of Marlena’s multiple deaths and Eric’s time away from Salem. Imagine if Kristen had become Eric’s confidante and how Marlena would have freaked to have known that Kristen had a stronger connection to Eric than herself.

    I think Greg Vaughn is solid as Eric and much better than Jensen Ackles, who I thought was fairly generic. And I say this as someone who loved the Taylor / Eric / Nicole / Lucas set up when it began. When it was announced Vaughn was taking over, I wasn’t impressed. I thought he was your typical soap hunk who wouldn’t be able to carry an emotionally driven story; I was wrong. Vaughn impresses me and I consider him the definitive Eric Brady. I also consider Eric Martsolf the definitive Brady Black, which is also controversial in some circles.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Ah, okay. I would agree, then. I really love the current conception of Marlena. Since her return in 2011, they’ve done a great job playing on that slightly clinical aspect of her. (Interestingly, Hall was totally different in Marlena’s scenes with Will throughout 2011 and 2012.)

      Kristen’s plan really, really seems like a plotty way to rope in Eric. And yeah, I’m sure it would hurt Marlena for Eric to be caught up in a scandal like this — but in such a roundabout way that it’s like, Kristen couldn’t come up with anything better? Her time would be better spent making sure Sami gets the death penalty again.

      Thanks for clarifying re: GV/Eric. I really liked Ackles, but I was also a teenager and he was cute. (FWIW, I like him on Supernatural, so I think he’s talented and was a good fit for Days. But his Eric was sort of like the late 90s version of Abigail — appealing performer, legacy character, no real story. I can’t really name one significant thing his Eric did, history-wise, aside from being dumped by Nicole for Lucas and $5 million, which isn’t really about Eric at all.) There’s an interesting soulfulness about Vaughan that I didn’t expect that I think works very well for the priest version of this character. I buy that he’s somewhat naive; it’s kind of a lost-puppy quality.

      I agree about Martsolf, too. I don’t think Kyle Lowder was the best actor in the world, but his Brady was effective for what it was, and he was involved in some important stuff. But Martsolf is definitely Adult Brady to me. I don’t think he’s unrecastable, but there’s a likability and a charisma that I think might be surprisingly difficult to duplicate. And Brady is such a big part of the New Salem (2009-present) that I think he’s needed on the show.

  4. Is this really going to be a sex scandal in Salem? Kristen and Eric doing the nasty hardly registers on the Salem Richter scale. Now… If Kristen had followed through on the plan using hot Dr. Chyka with Eric? THAT would have been a “10” scandal!

    • mykleraus Says:

      Right?! I mean, it’ll maybe screw Eric as far as the priest-hood, but Kristen will look like a big vengeful whore, Marlena will believe Eric that Kristen did something to him… this plan seems faulty at best.

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