Inside the Mind of an Idiot

“Oh yeah! Here’s that gun that my former mother-in-law two times over, who is also sleeping with my ex-husband, gave me as a ‘gift’ to celebrate my most recent engagement!

“Also, said ex-mother-in-law has slept with my new fiancée, too.

“Hmm, maybe we can get a group rate on STD tests.

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 8.03.37 AM

“But I’m so glad I have been transferring this gun I don’t even want from purse to purse for weeks, just in case. That, or I’ve been schlepping this giant blue bag around with me no matter what I was wearing. 

“I wonder if it’s loaded…

“Hey, what’s that noise out in Rafe’s room?”

This whole Sami-shooting-Bernardi thing was certainly unexpected, though. What’s genius is that she knows Bernardi was a dirty cop, but she can’t reveal that part without revealing that the evidence he swiped for Stefano would implicate Will in EJ’s shooting. And if it turns out that this ridiculous in the Town Square — which must be the viral video that Chad was crowing about last week — then I cannot give these writers enough credit.

Although, isn’t Sami going to be upset when she realizes that because the video of her chasing Bernardi went viral, she won’t be able to spend three months barking about The Tape?!

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5 Comments on “Inside the Mind of an Idiot”

  1. Alana Says:

    Her somewhat surprised face when she pulled the gun out of her purse was priceless. “Oh yeah, I’m a mother carrying around a loaded gun in my purse, as one does.”

    The shooting was a great surprise, though, and I am really enjoying the twists and turns lately. It’s like the foreshadowing has become SLIGHTLY less clunky.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Good thing Johnny’s nosy ass wasn’t digging through her purse like it was Ciara’s backpack!

      But yeah, I did NOT see the shooting coming. If this were a few years ago, Sami would have been running around accidentally firing the gun and almost hitting people for six weeks before this.

  2. Dan Says:

    Did E.J. call her on carrying a loaded gun around with her children around? I cannot recall. I remember thinking he should have during their confrontation over it.

    I love how everyone believes Sami saved Rafe;s life because really she only saved his dick, which is wickedly funny.

    I’m enjoying this Bernardi shooting story, but it so isn’t a DOOL storyline. I’m not sure what show this would work on, but this is not a tale DOOL would typically tell, if you know what I mean. I enjoy elements of it, but I sort of wondering where it will head next.

    • mykleraus Says:

      EJ never called her on that, which upsets me, or it would if I thought he had half a brain. She was just lugging that thing around for weeks?! Woman, I knew you were a fool, but really.

      I get what you mean about the Bernardi story. It feels more like an extension of the baby story than anything — but their plotting has been really surprising me lately, so I’m actually sort of confident in the purpose of all this.

  3. Dan Says:

    re: weeks To be fair, it’s probably only been 4 days in Salem since Kate gave Sami the gun even though she received the fun early May.

    The more I think about the Bernardi story, the more I realize its a story based on reactions from characters. DAYS usually tells stories on a grander scale to hide their deficiencies in the characterization department. To an extent, this highlights the issue with the story as I see it across the board. MarDar did some nice character work with Sami / Marlena / Will but it was congruous to anything that had happened in the last decade. A lot of what is playing out now is simplistic because the dynamic isn’t as rich. Sami protecting Rafe / Will is in character and Sami as her own worst enemy is also interesting. I am, however, getting tired of everyone needing o protect Princess Will. Everyone is always concerned how Will feels, but Will doesn’t give a damn about anyone. He never goes to see how others feel etc. Lucas was on point when he called out Will for not going to see Jennifer and Abby when Jack died.

    What I like about the Bernadi story is it sets in motion chapter 3 of the baby saga right as chapter 2 reaches its conclusion. Just like how Nick learned about E.J.’s shooting after the wedding, Sami has shot Bernardi. I really hope it all comes out in court about Will and E.J. and Gabi and Andrew and Sami gets off killing Bernardi in order to save the Golden Penis. I just wish this show developed and utilized stronger emotional connections on this show rather than fall back on generic family connections lacking depth and individual detail.

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