Let’s Not Make a Habit of This

I’m having a problem.

I keep meaning to post about how wonderful Blake Berris was in those scenes in which Nick confessed to Maggie and then Gabi that he’d been raped in prison. Suzanne Rogers and Camilla Banus were great, too — Maggie’s heart broke for Nick, while Gabi’s whole world, carefully constructed after barely avoiding criminal charges and then accidentally getting pregnant, came crashing down around her.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 7.27.27 AM

They didn’t even tiptoe around the nastiness of what truly happened. Nick said the word “rape” several times, and Berris was a snotty, shaking mess. Even though a lot of us saw this twist coming, given Nick’s discomfort with Will and Sonny’s sexuality, the execution was about 100 times better than I could have predicted. And I was genuinely shocked by Nick’s confession to Gabi. I didn’t expect him to go nearly that far, telling her that he doesn’t really love her and that their marriage was just an ill-fated effort on his part to create some instant magical life so that he could dodge his traumatizing past.

It was all so good that I’m not even going to snark on it. You get a pass from me,¬†Days — but just this once!

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