Never a Bride, Indeed

“It isn’t fair! I told the truth!”

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 7.33.19 AM

How perfect was Kristen’s breakdown? Her putting the brakes on her hook-up with John, Marlena getting the photo, Kristen desperate to marry Brady for real, and then the revelation — so, so good. I can see why people are let down that her scheme wasn’t exposed during the wedding, in front of a room of people, but it was mostly going to be DiMeras there, anyway. I really didn’t need a scene of The Mighty Daniel Jonas telling off Kristen for her evil deeds.

As great as that was, maybe Kristen should stop planning weddings at that mansion. She doesn’t seem to have a lot of luck with that.

But then things got even worse, and we got to see Kristen at her absolute lowest. Oh no, a pair of sensible moccasins and some boot-cut jeans have come to gloat!

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 7.33.38 AM

The Marlena/Kristen showdown was fantastic, too — for fans of both of them, I’d think. Marlena got her moment of victory about Kristen being exposed and Brady being “saved,” and Kristen got to do this:


I could watch that all day. And I probably will.


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4 Comments on “Never a Bride, Indeed”

  1. Dan Says:

    As usual, a wonderful commentary.

    This played like a typical Higley era plot, which I adore and am frustrated by at the same time. Initially, I didn’t have a problem with the multiple motives of Kristen and John, but, by the time it came to do the deed, I was left underwhelmed. I don’t think Hogestyn sufficiently sold John in love with Kristen in the weeks leading up to the seduction. It’s possible I was ignorant to it because we knew what John was going to do. I just didn’t feel that John had sufficiently convinced Kristen that he was in love with her even though Kristen had been plotting the scheme all along. When John showed up at the hotel room, I just couldn’t feel this was the pay off.

    And yet, the dueling schemes proved not to be pay off. Instead, Marlena shows Brady the picture and Brady realizes that he has been set up from the beginning. What I loved about it all was the typical Higley-era irony of it all. John purposely keeps Marlena out of the plot because he doesn’t think Marlena can handle Kristen. Not only did Marlena’s wire plot fail to catch Kristen, but Brady learned of John’s disloyalty when John told Marlena he was only claiming to be on friendly terms with Kristen. So John goes rogue and threatens to destroy his own relationship with his son to save his son from disaster. A delicious story not played to its fullest.

    I’m curious what will happen with Kristen now. I’m surprised how they haven’t really played her in E.J.’s orbit as that is a dynamic I’m interested in seeing explored. Also, it might be interesting to see Kristen more involved in the Chad / Abby / Cameron story considering the Kristen / Jennifer relationship.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yeah, some of the motives got a little tangled in there. I get the ambiguity they were shooting for with both Kristen and John, but it was muddled in a way that kind of muted the big climaxes emotionally. But what we did get was very good, and it feels like there’s still story to tell, which counts for a lot.

      In one sense, Kristen seems boxed into a corner… but on the other hand, she ultimately didn’t do anything THAT terrible. After the planned mugging, she was with Brady for real, as far as anyone knows. I don’t want them to make her too much of a pariah because she’ll be too much on the outside. So I hope they find something else to fold her into.

  2. Alana Says:

    Yes yes and YES!!! It was perfect, and I loved that it happened before the oh-so-predictable wedding setting, but in a room prepped for the wedding. Just epic. And I am loving the slow burn of everyone finding out too. Nicole comforting Brady without judgment because “she’s been there”, everyone trying to hold in their glee and i-told-you-sos at finding out, John’s plan still blowing up in his face because it really was the worst plan in history. I’m loving it.

    Now who should Brady date? There are no single women left but Nicole, and she’s got priest-fever.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I really loved the choice of having Kristen crumble amidst all that wedding set-up — and the callbacks to the 1997 wedding, with her clinging to Brady’s leg while groveling.

      I think we might be setting up some kind of Eric/Nicole/Brady/Kristen quad, but I’m not sure. I could maybe get into Nicole and Kristen going head-to-head.

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