Welcome to the World, Arianna Grace!

Nice to meet you, Arianna Grace Hernandez Fallon Horton Whatever.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 8.16.41 AM

Can I just gush about everything I love here?

  • I love that, 48 years after this show debuted, we’re watching the great-great-granddaughter of Tom and Alice Horton be born. (Also the great-great-granddaughter of Shawn and Caroline Brady, actually.) Side note: Arianna Grace is the third Horton great-great-grandchild. Scotty Banning, son of David and grandson of Julie, was born in the 80s and then SORASed so ridiculously that he would be in his 50s by now. Ciara Claire Brady, daughter of Shawn and grandchild of Hope, was born in 2005 and has been out at sea with her idiot parents for like four years.
  • I love that this has been a full-out umbrella story with a real climax. This wasn’t such a Will/Sonny/Gabi/Nick story. It’s roped in Sami/EJ, Rafe/Kate, Hope, Vargas, Lucas, Stefano, Justin — and the best part is that even though the whole Smith Island adventure (with Jensen, Will getting shot, and Sonny having to deliver the baby) was totally climactic, it doesn’t tie everything up with a bow and deflate all the tension. Vargas is still putting pressure on Nick, the baby’s custody is still up in the air, and more. This is truly the best-crafted and most impactful story since the Sami/Nicole baby switch of 2009.
  • I love seeing Sami and Lucas toast to being grandparents (!!!) and tease each other about being old. These two are so great when they’re getting along but there’s that snippy tension right underneath.
  • On a similar note, I love Kate and Marlena trying to wrap their heads around the reality they are great-grandmothers. Kate has got to be the hottest great-grandma ever, amirite?  Poor Roman being left out, but he’s probably used to it by now.
  • I love all the drama of people hearing about Will’s shooting, reacting to it, and then waiting by his bedside for him to wake up. Sooooo soapy.
  • I love that yet another story wound up hinging on Ciara and an envelope! Is she destined to be the Evil Postmistress of Salem circa 2020?

I’m just going to sit here basking in the glory of all this and pretend that next week won’t have me diving for the vodka.

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9 Comments on “Welcome to the World, Arianna Grace!”

  1. Dan Says:

    The Jensen arc of the Arianna story has been wonderful. What I really like is how this show continues to surprise. I like how little things are revealed (Jensen raping Nick in prison) which connect a lot of dots. When Nick first returned, Julie said there had been an attempt on his life in prison and I can see how with interacting with Sonny / Will and Gabi why he would rush into a marriage with Gabi. It feels so organic. I also like how everyone suspected it was Vargas, but that, in fact, Vargas protected Nick.

    I hope Jensen’s death revives the Gabi / Andrew element of the story, which I’m thinking it will since Gabi mentioned it during her birth. That really is something that needs to be played.

    The writing for Sami / Lucas has been wonderful since MarDar exited stage left. I like the banter. They work well off one another. I think they should allow Richard Culliton to give Lucas the Victor treatment. I seem to recall during Higley’s time, Culliton was the one to give Victor a lot of his snark. They have done that a bit with Lucas and I hope it continues.

    Your love for Miss Ciara Brady is blinding you. Shawn and Belle’s daughter is Claire Brady, and, given her parentage, she would probably not be as fun as Ciara.

    Speaking of Ciara, I think her involvement in this was well played. Peter Reckell was a solid actor on show with few solid male leads in his age range, but I don’t really miss Bo. I think playing Ciara’s reaction to her father’s absence is the best way to handle it. It takes my mind off why Bo is gone and places it on how it is effecting his loved ones. It was all well played.

    Save the vodka for Nicole. It took a good month before things really lost steam after the Nick / Gabi wedding.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Whoops, good catch! I actually noticed that I wrote “Ciara” instead of “Claire,” Googled to find out Claire’s birth year, got caught up reading about that insane story where Philip lost his leg in Iraqistan because of Stan being a terrorist-abetter, and forgot to change it.

      I am so onboard with writing Lucas like a younger Victor. I know people have objected to him being written as kind of a little shit this year, but to me, that IS Lucas. His makeover as a heroic romantic lead never worked that well for me (even though I think he’s more good than bad as a character), so keeping this undercurrent of snotty attitude really works. I would like for them to establish a romantic relationship for him, even if it’s just a short arc that lets us believe he has a happy personal life offscreen and then we see him as pertains to Will/Kate/Sami when it fits.

      I’m still irritated by Bo’s absence. Alllllll I need is one scene of Hope confiding in someone that Bo is dealing with a top-secret mission that she can’t divulge to anyone in Salem, and we can see that she misses him and is worried, but this isn’t a danger to their marriage, and it’s all good. Then, when Bo comes back, they can fill in whatever mission that is (following a lead on Jack, I hope).

      • Dan Says:

        I didn’t sit through much of JER 2.0. I tried to watch a bit of it because I kept hearing how amazing Martha Madison was, but she rarely lived up to the hype. Dan Wells is a decent actor.

        I think the Lucas / Sami ship has sailed. They work as exes who bicker about their children, but clearly care about one another. I love how everyone still talks about how Daniel broke up Lucas’ six month marriage to Chloe. A day in Salem has lasted longer than that marriage.

        I have no problem with Rafe, but I really think the show should have used Lucas as the fake baby daddy in the Nicole baby saga last year. I think Lucas would have changed things up a little bit and allowed the story to have more stakes.

        There is no good way to handle Bo’s absence. They really should kill him off or have Bo so deep undercover that he decides to end his marriage to Hope to protect her. Kristian Alfonso would act the hell out of that. I’m just glad we haven’t gotten word that Bo and Billie have shacked up in Downtown Europe. That would completely ruin the wonderful exit Rinna was given about how she left Salem in order to not be her mother’s daughter. As a Bo / Carly fan, I would love to learn Bo is protecting Carly from Vivian offscreen if only to see Bope and Barly fans lose their minds.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I honestly don’t think I could handle another “my husband won’t text me back so I’m getting a divorce now” storyline. It sucked with Jack, it was worse with Steve, and I would lose my mind with Bo. And we’ve had so many deaths that didn’t feel real that I don’t really want to invest in Hope mourning Bo if we aren’t even getting a goodbye with him. I’d rather they just made a deal with Peter Reckell to appear, like, twice a year so we can see him at Christmas and pretend he’s floating around Salem somewhere.

      • mykleraus Says:

        LOL about Lucas and Chloe’s marriage. I really do like people at least referencing that — Lucas *should* be pissed at Daniel for that.

  2. UnderYourWing Says:

    what Ever happened to vargas ( UGH THAT NAME) having to go on the lam before….when he was in hiding???…. because the idiot he gave that envelope —-that will NEVER be seen by anyone ( or did marlena see it friday from johnnie?) gave it to Kristan on the porch… wait a minute mansions Don’t have porches….. not victor …when he was in hiding and the cops were after him? Somehow all that just went away….or did i miss something there???

    • mykleraus Says:

      I don’t remember that! When did it happen?

    • Dan Says:

      I think you are thinking of Sy, the man Kristen hired to attack her when she thought John was going to save her. I don’t remember if Sy and Vargas interacted.

      • UnderYourWing Says:

        i think you are right…..SO confused!!! (on THAT one anyway…) no matter pretty much loving the show lately….

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