Dancing Fool

I’ll be back later to discuss JJ (Note to self: confirm whether he is 18 first) and how John and Kristen have been having the same conversation for 3-6 months, but first things first:



No. Seriously.


Is this some joke among the production crew? Is it an extra gone rogue? I have never been so grateful that this show doesn’t have the money to reshoot anything, ever.

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15 Comments on “Dancing Fool”

  1. Erin L. Says:

    FYI I checked this site today JUST to see if you said anything about that! WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?! I can’t figure out if she was trying to be seen or what. (LOL extra gone rogue) It reminds me of an episode of Yes Dear where Greg’s father got to be an extra on JAG. He was talking to another extra about how to get noticed, like using a bright red handkerchief to clean your glasses. She must have seen that episode on Nick at Night a few days before shooting. EPIC FAIL!

    • mykleraus Says:

      Hahaha! Like, did they not notice? Do they seriously have no little money that they couldn’t do one more take?! If they just thought it was funny and left it in, though, A+.

  2. Erin L. Says:

    Actually I have a couple more gripes about this insane show!!! First, what happened to the other half of the Town Square? It is now half the original size and the other half became, like you said, a 3rd grade production of “Ye Saddest Yogurt Shoppe” If you look at the placement of “The Interchangeable Fake Tree” that holds “The Dedication Plaque That Was Supposed To Break To Lead Us On A Year Long Pointless Storyline” is no longer in the center but now off to the side next to “Ye Saddest Yogurt Shoppe”. They replaced the only couch in Salem that has not been defiled by E.J.’s naked butt. I guess since the couch was a virgin all the other couches in town were shocked and dismayed and ran it out of town. (What? You’re a VIRGIN? But you lived in Europe which makes you a big ol’ slut!) It really makes me want to know what is going on opposite that wall! Nick and Gabi’s bedroom maybe? Meh Gotta put it somewhere!
    I also hate the town square because they made it clear that it was indoors and climate controlled so they can have people dining there in the middle of winter but you catch Gabi stargazing there all the time. They live a short drive from Chicago…Trust me I live in the Chicago Burbs and no one is eating outside in winter. Maybe it has a glass ceiling that is heated so the snow melts so you can see through it?

    Another problem I have is that Kristin called the coffee shop “Caffeinated” What happened to Common Grounds? Sonny has called it that on a few occasions since its opening. Did the writers forget its name too? One more thing while we are on the subject, it drives me nuts watching an owner of a business making out with his boyfriend all the time while working Even though I’ve never actually seen him do anything other than decorate for a children’s Halloween party and even then he stopped in the middle to whisk said boyfriend away to have sex. I AM glad that they treat Sonny and Will as any other couple and actually give them kissing and sex scenes but come on it’s very unprofessional no matter if you are gay or straight that is your business and you should probably keep your tongue to yourself.

    Sorry for such a long post but you entertain me every week I hoped to do the same for you! 

    • mykleraus Says:

      Do not get me STARTED on that damn coffee shop. Even when we were “sure” its name was Common Grounds, it seemed tenuous. But that’s waaaay better than Caffeinated. (BTW, there’s always been a sign behind the bar that says “Caffeinated,” but I thought it was just ugly decor and not branding!) As for Sonny, well… at least the gays are getting completely equal treatment: they’re being depicted as equally terrible employees and business owners as their straight counterparts.

      I kind of miss the other half of the Town Square. It at least felt a little like a large public space. Now it’s just some random corner of a mall. When I was on the stage, the Town Square ran all the way across one end of the building. It was taking up a huge amount of space. I have a feeling that they chopped it in half (or down to like 60%) to make room for big spaces like the strip club, because that set looked pretty large. I guess if it allows us to have a few more places in town, I might be okay with it, but I liked the archway and the stairs.

      LOL about the couch, though. Too true.

      And never apologize for long comments! It’s the most fun part of this!

  3. Alana Says:

    BWAHAHAHA, I watched that scene like 5 times. I like to imagine that the actress/person off the street/whatever went home and told everyone “I think I just got my big break!”

  4. Joanna Says:

    That ‘Dancing Queen’ is my fave new character. What. A. Treat.

  5. Despina Says:


  6. […] he swiped for Stefano would implicate Will in EJ’s shooting. And if it turns out that this ridiculous in the Town Square — which must be the viral video that Chad was crowing about last week — then I cannot […]

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