What Happened In Salem: Week of April 29th

To the surprise of no one ever, Sami managed to help her family with one problem and, in the process, created a much bigger one:

Sami was able to put a modern spin on her years of experience muttering, “I have to find the tape!” when Adrienne helped her and Sonny get into Nick and Gabi’s room at the Kiriakis mansion. They found the flash drive that Nick has been using to blackmail Will and deleted Will’s confession. In replacing the flash drive, Sami came across $30,000 that she decided to take, because why not? Nick panicked when he realized the money was missing because it was not his, but Vargas’s. Nick was enraged when he realized that Sami had been there and threatened her to return the money, but Sami — proudly having learned absolutely nothing in 2+ decades of scheming — taunted him and refused.

Read the rest to catch up on What Happened In Salem last week!

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