The Littlest Nutjob

Positive things first: I loved just about everything about those Kristen/Ciara scenes this week.

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 8.05.24 AM

But on the same note: Does no one notice or care that this child is completely batshit crazy?! Aside from the Zach/Lexie discussion — which was touching and complicated and unexpected — a lot of it read like the master psycho training her deranged little apprentice.

And when Ciara was ranting and raving about “Why can’t I have My Envelopes at school?!,” I was a little concerned for her teacher. (BTW, isn’t she like 8 years old? Why was she in what appeared to be a preschool? Why am I even thinking about this?) Remember when she found Nighttime Hope’s stash of wallets and kept losing her shit all over town, demanding that everyone believe her about My Wallets? God only knows what would have happened if this kid ever came into contact with Fay Walker’s cameo.

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10 Comments on “The Littlest Nutjob”

  1. Milly Says:

    Can we put the blonde one on the back burner and revolve the whole show around Ciara. So much more intriguing and entertaining.

  2. Erin L. Says:

    She actually seems like a good little actress to me. She has been on glee a couple times (she plays Rachael’s younger self) and for the very short time and few lines she had, she has been normal. On Days she seems so stiff & forced (like most of the actors) I think it must be the bad writting or somthing. She does have thoes crazy eyes down pat!

    • mykleraus Says:

      Oh, I didn’t know she was on Glee! I don’t really like mocking child actors, because it seems mean and they kind of didn’t even choose to do this, but she does play everything on Days sort of hilariously stiff. It makes Ciara seem insane more than anything.

  3. Joanna Says:

    I would love to see a reminiscence episode, told entirely in flashback as narrated by Ciara. I’ll bet her perspective would be rad. She is an observant, odd little character. I like that they’ve given her a personality and quirks. The kids on this show are usually relegated to hugging the person they believe to be their father (at the moment) and looking longingly off-camera for their actual mother to rescue them from the hot lights.

  4. THIS is what happens in Salem:

  5. s
    (remove the space between 13 and s)

    I would argue this was more embarrassing.

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