Journey to the Past

I’m dreadfully behind this week, but can we take a moment to get excited that they mentioned Neil Curtis?!

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 7.37.38 AM

Kristen: It’s weird, isn’t it? It’s kind of like Neil Curtis dropping off a Hummel to add to your collection at Victor’s, right? I mean — and then asking you to take a stroll down memory lane.
Maggie: Not exactly. Because for us, it simply would be possible to have a nice stroll.

I genuinely don’t think the guy has been mentioned in two decades. And I don’t think he’s about to come crashing back into Salem to reveal some ridiculous secret, either. (Never mind that it’s kind of weird for Kristen to drop his name, since he was gone from Salem before she showed up — I guess she’d be aware of him because he’s the father of Maggie’s daughter, though Maggie barely seems to remember that Sarah exists…)

Who’s going to get mentioned next? Long-lost Tommy Horton? Though with our luck, someone would mention him, and in the next scene, Hope would have a horrifying flashback of Uncle Tommy creeping into her bedroom when she was a little girl, and we’d all be wishing they would just have left him in the attic.

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10 Comments on “Journey to the Past”

  1. Dan Says:

    Tomsell loves Maggie and her short history. As soon as they popped up Round One, Maggie was waxing sentimental about the time she was in love with both Don Craig and Mickey to Chloe. Slightly off topic, but I really miss Maggie’s kitchen.

    I think there is a possibility Kristen and Neil could have met, offscreen. Joe Gallison left the show, but Neil went off to do rounds. Gallison liked the idea that Neil was still around. I don’t remember reading they mentioned that he left town, but maybe I’m mistaken. I miss Beth’s Days of our Lives Page that had a great list of where former Salemites ended up, among other things.

    Salem is a strange town where strippers are outcasts, the gays are welcomed with open arms, and where psychiatrists are still allowed to practice after being possessed by Satan and dying a half a dozen times.

    This Salem Moose thing is so bizarre. I’m enjoying it, but it seems so random. I love how they are writing for Kristen. It really encompasses all facets of her character, which is remarkable. I just wish her storyline was moving a bit more. Drake Hogestyn has delivered some of his best work in this story that I almost wish they would use him more.

    Speaking of blasts from Salem’s past, Sonny referenced his half-brother Alex today. I do wish they would mention the twins every now and then.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’m actually kind of surprised it took this long to mention him, actually. And it’s really shocking to me that Sarah hasn’t shown up yet. She’s a blank slate with lots of theoretical ties.

      You could be right about Neil — I think he vanished in 1991, and Kristen showed up in ’93. I don’t think anyone ever mentioned him having left town. Same with Don Craig. (I miss Beth’s page, too!)

      The Moose thing works for me, but it’s so random that they’re actually dwelling on something that happened on the show versus a made-up memory. I love how they wove Maggie into it, though.

  2. I love that Kristen has become the ex-lover continuity expert in Salem. Maybe next she’ll counsel Hope by recommending she find Patrick Lockhart, or remind Nicole that Colin Murphy is still alive somewhere. Extra points if she taunts Adrienne with Emilio’s memory…

  3. UnderYourWing Says:

    who the hell is neil curtis???

  4. Kathyj Says:

    I must have been on a Days timeout when he had the affair with Maggie. I wish I had seen it because Neil was very handsome. I remember Joe Gallison when he was on Another World — Bill Matthews(?). Suzanne Roger’s (Maggie) ex – Sam Groom was also on Another World. OK, now that I have proven that I am the oldest person here —

    • mykleraus Says:

      Ha! I appreciate the extra history lesson!

      I think Maggie/Neil was in the very late 80s or very early 90s. Probably early 90s. It was revealed that Neil (not Evan Whyland) was Sarah’s biological father via insemination, and he and Maggie got close.

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