What Happened In Salem: Week of April 15th


Chloe “Skull Like a Rock” Lane finally accepted that Daniel doesn’t want to be with her. Ashamed of her recent behavior, she decided to do what’s best for Parker: leave him with people he barely knows while she goes off to receive treatment at an in-patient program for a few months. Chloe left Salem, intent on pulling her life together, while Parker stayed behind with Daniel and Jennifer.

Read the rest to find out What Happened In Salem this week!

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3 Comments on “What Happened In Salem: Week of April 15th”

  1. Jayme Says:

    When EJ told Caroline that he could’ve proposed anywhere (Paris! Milan!), all i could think of was that scene in Showgirls when the dude from the Stardust says, ‘We could’ve had anyone! La Toya! Suzanne!’ No girl, you got Jesse Spano. And EJ, you get to propose on the set that still has its lights on.

    How disgusting did their food look?? Is THAT what the chowder looks like??

  2. Jayme Says:

    It looked like a bunch of clams on a mountain of fettuccine. Mouthbarf.

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