He Lives! Or Lived! Or Something

Pardon my lateness, as this is technically from Friday’s episode, but then again, it sort of relates to the last fifteen years of the show.

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 1.33.06 PM

Was everyone else as shocked as I was when Kristen mentioned to Jennifer — by name! — the character who has become Salem’s answer to Voldemort? That’s right, Peter Blake, brother of Kristen and ex-husband of Jen, was actually referenced, name and all, last week. It was so casual, too; Kristen said something about how “Peter loved you, but Jack always had your heart” or — I don’t know, I was too astonished to remember the exact quote (and too lazy to rewind to find it). I’m 99% certain that He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named had literally not been mentioned since his departure in 1998, and certainly not since Melissa Reeves returned in 2000, possibly (allegedly) because of her (alleged) affair with Jason Brooks, the actor who played Peter, that caused her husband (allegedly) to make her quit the show.

There have been so many times when it would have made sense to mention Peter, especially when Jennifer appeared set to make the same mistake she made with him with Patrick Lockhart or when everyone was lecturing Jen’s daughter, Abigail, about what getting involved with a DiMera might be like. I was actually pretty convinced that they had erased Peter from canon, which makes my blood boil because I am completely OCD and it happened onscreen, stop pretending. I have no idea what made it okay for them to mention him now — and if they were never forbidden from doing so, then we were just dealing with run-of-the-mill terrible writing up until now, which is oddly depressing even though I should be used to it.

Anyway: Peter officially exists! Now can they please get on with my favorite dream storyline of late, suggested by our very own reader Dan, in which Matthew Ashford returns to the show playing Peter Blake with plastic surgery to make him look like Jack so that he can win Jennifer back?

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7 Comments on “He Lives! Or Lived! Or Something”

  1. Joanna Says:

    Jack-face Peter is a dreamworld of magic (and wonders). Peter-face Jack would also be accepted.

    • mykleraus Says:

      OMG. I hadn’t thought of Peter-face Jack!

      Another random thought: when Peter Reckell left, there was a contingent of people clamoring to get Robert Kelker-Kelly back as Bo, which I think would be weird at this point. BUT I was totally into the idea of them casting RKK as Peter and playing him with both Jen and Lisa Rinna’s Billie.

  2. Allegedly, her hubby Scott caught them in the throes of passion, and made her quit Days that day. He also slut shamed her in front of their church, and kept her under his thumb where she remains today.

  3. fluffysmom Says:

    I was shocked to hear Peter mentioned after all these years. It’s about time he was mentioned by his sister.

    • mykleraus Says:

      It was getting to the point of being bizarre, now that Kristen and Jen are interacting all the time. At least we know he still officially exists…

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