What Happened In Salem: Week of March 25th

Apologies for the late posting. I didn’t even get to Thursday and Friday’s episodes until just now. Not that I actually needed to watch them, as it turned out…

After seeing Jennifer and Daniel together and briefly contemplating the idea that chasing a man who doesn’t want you might be unhealthy, Chloe put that silliness out of her head and got back to work. She revealed to Jen that Nancy didn’t take Parker to New York — she took him to Brazil, and since Daniel isn’t on the birth certificate (because government workers are as inept as University Hospital employees), he’ll have no legal rights in getting his son back. So unless Jen breaks up with Daniel, he’ll never see Parker again. Jennifer cried tears of joy that she’ll be able to continue on her quest to break the record for Most Break-Ups In A Single Month.

Catch up on last week’s doings with the What Happened In Salem recap now!

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