A Woman of Many Words

How hilarious were Will and Sami’s reactions when Stefano walked in with his new girlfriend?

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 8.30.52 AM

I can’t even properly capture it in a screenshot, but the awkwardness was so great. At least that was supposed to be funny, unlike that scene in which Stefano introduced his new girlfriend to Kate, and both of them addressed said girlfriend, but she never uttered a word. I was actually kind of disappointed when she finally spoke at the mansion.

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 8.30.44 AM

I know he introduced her as Cecily (?), but I’m kind of praying — and I hope this doesn’t come off as racially insensitive, because I’m going on Days logic and not real-world logic here — that this woman is actually Autumn, Lucas’s thus-far invisible ex-fiancée from Hong Kong. Also, I think it’s the hair, but doesn’t she kind of look like an Asian Taylor? Please tell me this is some Cloud Atlas shit and my dream of Tamara Braun playing Autumn is finally coming true.

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4 Comments on “A Woman of Many Words”

  1. Alana Says:

    Ha- bringing back any reference to Autumn, or to Lucas being relevant in any way, would be amazing. But I’m not holding my breath.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I know. But let me have my dreams! 🙂

      • Jayme Says:

        Eeeeee!!! I totally thought the same thing!! This is EXACTLY who (whom?) I pictured Autumn to be! Sexy, modelesque, and WAY taller than Lucas!

        ‘May I go freshen up?’ Eeeeewww!!!

        Can we talk 2 seconds about EJ in that purple sweater? For. Fainting.

      • mykleraus Says:

        “Taller than Lucas,” lol.

        That sweater is DOING THINGS for him. I get so excited any time they let him wear non-suit clothes, though.

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