Burning Love

I thought it was an interesting choice to frame Jennifer and Daniel’s “lovemaking” with a bunch of angry, dancing flames.

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 10.13.33 AM

You know, what with this story being THE WORK OF SATAN and all.

I truly do not understand what I’m supposed to be rooting for here. Jennifer and Daniel break up literally once a week, usually over some dumb misunderstanding based largely on one or both of them having no trust in the other. Chloe is marching around town like an absolute lunatic, blindly fixated on this man who clearly does not want her — even if Jen were not in the picture, he seems completely over her.

I appreciated the bone they threw us on Friday, ham-handed though it was, of Chloe trying to explain why she’s so desperate to get him back; I’ve been waiting for a monologue about how she always felt rejected growing up in foster care, and even though her parents eventually took her in, she struggles with that sense of rejection to this day. She admits that she is the one to blame for not being with Daniel now, but if I’m going to sympathize with her plight at all, I’m going to need more introspection. She thought she’d found happiness with Brady, but they were both young and dumb and messed it up, and then she rebounded with Lucas when she shouldn’t have, and she got out of that by jumping into an affair with Daniel… so Daniel represents a life that she could be having if she could just stop screwing things up. See? I made sense of this. Why can’t the writers?

Two other things:

  • I was hopeful that Friday was a turning point in that Chloe would give up and this story would be about something else, but it seems that it just turned her down a dirt path to Crazytown.
  • How gross is it that Daniel and Jennifer didn’t close the blinds? Your sex scene should not be that well framed and well lit for people standing outside the house. Given the way Hortons just randomly turn up at that cabin (and the fact that this alleged ferry takes about five minutes to get to Smith Island from Salem), they might want to rethink this strategy.
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9 Comments on “Burning Love”

  1. Joanna Says:

    Alleged Ferry is my new band name.

  2. Joanna Says:

    Ooh I miss pier scenes. Salemites were always going there to scheme, think, meet up…

  3. Jayme Says:

    This is the best thread ever. I loved how everyone went to the pier to have ‘private’ conversations at the top of their lungs with whatever piece of dinosaur technology they had at the time (those damn palm pilots!)

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