Lucas, Lucas, He’s… Somebody’s Man

Leave it to me to have an existential crisis on behalf of a soap opera character. (If we’re being honest, that is probably surprising to about 1% of the people who know me in real life.)

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When Days wrote out Lucas Horton in 2010 — or before that, even, probably when they broke up Sami and Lucas and introduced Rafe — I became nervous about Lucas’s place in Salem being usurped. Sure, he was Kate’s son and Will’s dad, but as a leading character? Being the good guy love of Sami’s life was a role that Rafe had taken over, and being the bad boy who understood Sami’s true self was redundant with E.J. DiMera. (And before you yell at me: I know characters are supposed to exist as independent entities, but that’s true, but I also believe that their relationships and what they represent to others is what makes them a functional part of a canvas like this. Witness the way Sami floundered when both Carrie and Marlena were off the show.) Before his departure and since his return, Lucas has mostly been relegated to third-tier status, moping around Salem like a younger, possibly unemployed Roman Brady.

But his scenes with Sami this week were so promising. I’m not much a fan of couples — if I’m interested in what the characters are doing and what the relationships offer in terms of drama, I’m pretty happy — but it was a delight to see Sami and Lucas functioning the way they did when they broke into that evidence room. There was a whimsical scheming to all of it that was completely different from anything Sami has with E.J. And I don’t think it’s an accident that last week featured a (relatively) steamy sex scene in which Sami asked E.J. to make Nick Fallon disappear, and then we jump to scenes of Sami and Lucas doing some much more lighthearted — but still dramatic — breaking-and-entering. It was a wonderful reminder of why this character works: he’s a bit of an underdog, he has a sense of humor, he isn’t above scheming but has a moral compass.

This is a character with nearly two decades of history in Salem. He’s the father of the lynchpin of the younger generation, he’s a descendant of Tom and Alice Horton, and he’s presently the only one of Kate’s children on canvas. I hope this is a sign that the writers have tapped into something viable and interesting that separates Lucas from the other guys in his generation (I could not see Brady or Eric playing those types of scenes the same way, for example) and will, with any luck, build him into more story in the future.

And while I’m spitballing: I’m still annoyed they rushed the Sami/Lucas reunion and then rushed their breakup last year, especially without having Autumn come to Salem and make some psycho attempts to break them up (who doesn’t want to see Sami Brady go up against someone like that?!), but it would be nice to see them try Lucas with a new love interest. Off the top of my head, I think a recast Stephanie Johnson might be a good fit. She’s tied into the Bradys, Kayla is in Salem, she has some history with Lucas’s family… I think, as a character, she might be the best match for Lucas right now. Thoughts?


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5 Comments on “Lucas, Lucas, He’s… Somebody’s Man”

  1. Goldie Says:

    Stephanie, yes.

  2. fluffysmom Says:

    I’d like to see Stephanie rip Lucas’ shirt off!

  3. And bam! Now he’s recurring.

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