Mother of the Year

So, Nancy’s back in Salem, which is fun.

Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 12.24.42 PM

It would be more fun if she were here to smack some sense into (or at least three layers of bronzer off of) her dumbass daughter, but still. Patrika Darbo plays Nancy with such glee that you sort of sit there going, “I think you might be a great mother, even though you also might be batshit crazy.” Which kind of works here, since she’s aiding and abetting Chloe in such a stupid scheme. Does she want her daughter to be with a man who doesn’t really want to be with her? I can kind of rationalize it as guilt, though: she will forever be trying to make up for the way she let her father give Chloe up for adoption, and the only way she thinks she can do that is by catering to Chloe’s whims and protecting her from any kind of hurt — which, in this case, would be losing Daniel (even though she already has, and the victory would ultimately be a hollow one).

I do love, love, love how they’re playing the Wesleys’ history with Mike Horton as part of this story, since Chloe’s romantic rival is Mike’s sister, Jennifer. This is what I love about this genre: Jennifer and Nancy barely interacted at all in the early 2000s (except for the bit during Chloe’s leukemia, which I’m so happy they referenced), but circumstance has thrust them into the same story, and there’s a significant historical link to play. I wish it were in service of something I cared about, but at least Nancy’s presence injects something fun into this otherwise drab mess.

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2 Comments on “Mother of the Year”

  1. Dan Says:

    I love Nancy Wesley and Patrika Darbo. Darbo’s performance when Nancy admitted to Craig that Chloe was the product of rape killed me. I vividly remember watching that. It was summertime and I was washing dishes at the kitchen sink while Days played in the background. I believe Nancy’s confession played out at the same time that A. Dimera was set to have dinner at Chez Rouge. Anyway, Darbo was mesmerizing and gave a strong performance a show where the actors don’t live up to material or the material doesn’t meet the actors range.

    There was a really underplayed moment in the Jennifer / Nancy exchange. Jennifer mentioned Nancy having trouble with Mike, an Nancy poo-pooed her. SoapCentral mentions Nancy and Mike bonded over Nancy’s breast cancer. I don’t remember Nancy having breast cancer or her and Mike becoming chummy, but it sound about right. I would love to see Mike back for some of this.

    Darbo is a breath of fresh air in the Chloe / Daniel / Jennifer saga. Now, I really want a Wesley / Horton rivalry complete with Lucas / Chloe scheming to ruin Dannifer (imagine Kate’s reaction), Chloe toying with Abby so that she thinks she’s losing her mind, and young love developing between newly returned J.J. Devereaux and Joy Wesley. I think I might be asking for too much.

    For now, I’ll have to settle for Nancy’s wonderful meddling, but I NEED a Kate / Nancy scene.

    • mykleraus Says:

      OMG. I love your idea about Joy and J.J. That’d be such a good twist. They could really turn this whole thing into something much more interesting than Jennifer and Chloe squaring off over Daniel. I also sort of love the idea of Chloe getting mixed up with Cameron, putting her even more at odds with Abigail in the midst of all this. The less this is about “Who gets the golden prize of Daniel Jonas?” and more about the dynamics among these characters with so much history, the better.

      (I think Nancy had a brief breast cancer scare, that’s all. It was a smallish plot point in the larger Mike/Craig storyline. This also reminds me of a post I’ve been meaning to make about how things would have been if they’d cast Shawn Christian as Mike Horton instead of creating Daniel for him.)

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