Delays of Our Lives

Apologies for the slowness of posts in the past week. I’m only now watching Friday’s episode because I had to travel cross-country for a funeral.

My Aunt Stephanie passed away last week. I remember she and my grandma watching Days and Another World when I was little, so when I started watching fifteen years ago, we had a lot to talk about. She watched less and less as the years went by, so every few months, I would fill her in; every Christmas, we would both watch the Horton Christmas ornament episode and debrief about it. To me, that is the real power of this show, even when it’s mind-numbingly stupid. It can bring generations together in a way that few other pieces of entertainment can. Aunt Stephanie loved tradition, and that Christmas episode will always be extra-special to me because it will be a way of remembering her.

And now back to our regularly scheduled mocking.

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2 Comments on “Delays of Our Lives”

  1. Dan Says:

    I’m sorry about the loss of your aunt.

    I understand what you mean about the nature of tradition and family with Days. When I was little, I use to sneak into the kitchen to watch Days on the portable tv with my grandmother, who didn’t think it was appropriate that I watch soaps. She thought my father would be upset, but he was of the Luke and Laura generation so he didn’t mind. Anyway, I stopped watching Days regularly for nearly a decade and only returned when Higley was writing. By then, my grandmother had passed away and I felt a real loss not being able to talk about the show with her when it was finally worth talking about.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Thank you. There really is no other genre that has the ability to provide bookmarks for our lives in this way. I can still connect certain storylines and characters so clearly to events in my life that are years and years in the past — which connects me to the people I was watching and discussing with at the time. I would hate to lose all that.

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