We Need More of These Two

Apparently Stefano is done doing… whatever kind of very important getting-dressed-up-and-sitting-in-a-room that has required his presence in Downtown Europe for the last six months.

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 8.40.10 AM

“I’ll come back whenever I want, fuck you very much!” (Anyone else catch that middle finger?) I really hope he comes barging into whatever cheap-ass wedding Kristen and Brady wind up throwing in the Town Square or wherever.

In other Crotchety Salem “Businessman” news:

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 8.42.48 AM

Was anybody else hoping Victor would go rub some of that toxic dry cleaning solution on one of Maggie’s ruffled monstrosities and hold it over Chloe’s face? Shut up, woman! I know she was trying to annoy him, but good grief. Memo — and I hope this penetrates your 90 pounds of hair: Daniel is not going to want you more because you come barging into his apartment insisting that you’re homeless and have to live there. How enticing!

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5 Comments on “We Need More of These Two”

  1. Dan Says:

    The Chloe / Victor confrontation was so ugly. I like how the show is willing to go there now in a way it often wouldn’t in the past. Chloe’s whole demeanor was horrid, but her comments weren’t out of line. I’m sure if she told Victor and Maggie she had genuine concerns about Parker’s health especially given the fact he just spiked a fever for reasons unknown. Maggie even made several concessions within several episodes. I love how Chloe pushed Victor’s buttons, which Victor is usually so good at. Her comments about Phillip were interesting. I thought were sort of true, but she was kind of a twisting things. Phillip is sort of a pathetic creature.

    I love how they are sort of building to the return of Stefano. It should be interesting to see what happens when the Phoenix lands in Salem. I really want him to learn about Rafe and Kate and to torture the crap out of Rafe.

    • fluffysmom Says:

      I’m looking forward to Stefano’s return. I suspect he will find out about Kate and Rafe within an hour of his return.

      I am glad to see Victor acting like himself again. I don’t like it when Maggie makes him behave too much.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Chloe got REALLY nasty, and at first it seemed out of character (especially to mock Brady that way), but she’s completely out of her head right now. I hope they connect all of this to how being with Daniel was really the last time her life made sense or she was happy, and that’s why she is so pathetically pursuing him now.

      Stefano’s return could be fun. He still has such energy in those phone calls. I really hope they have stuff for him to do in Salem besides vaguely taunt Marlena and John, though that’s always funny.

      • fluffysmom Says:

        I’m still trying to figure out why so many women in Salem can’t seem to keep their panties on when they are near Daniel. Maybe Chloe is going to have some kind of mental breakdown.It would explain a lot.

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