He Should Propose to Daniel


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Sorry. Had to get that out of my system.

Despite having to be reminded of that era of inappropriate workplace blouses and modeling offers for all the townspeople, I appreciated Brady reflecting on his botched engagements to Arianna and Madison — especially on how they both wound up dead, because that’s kind of a bad pattern.

Not that it made a difference to Kristen. I get that she’s laser-focused on her revenge scheme, but if her goal is to get Brady to propose to her so she can dump him at the altar, maybe she shouldn’t be playing the part of that sad girl whose friends are all married and is always dropping “hints” to her boyfriend like, “I was just walking by this jewelry store and looking at rings… I mean, not that I expect you to get me one, but you know, I just think it’s good to do research… and then I went and tried on dresses, you know, just in case I ever need one… and then I wound up at a bakery and I might have ordered a cake and WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO PROPOSE???” Girl, slow your roll. There’s a reason he’s not asking you to marry him.

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2 Comments on “He Should Propose to Daniel”

  1. Stevie Says:

    Now there’s a power couple waiting to happen! Which has a better ring to it: Drady, or Braniel?

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