An Illicit Valentine’s Romp

Kate: [Stefano] turned out to be the love of my life.
Rafe: Gross.

Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 8.42.32 AM

I’m pretty much avoiding spoilers altogether these days, so I had no idea these two were going to hook up. Is it bad I kind of loved it? Lauren Koslow’s Kate is seriously the unsung MVP of Days. You can put her in scenes or story with almost anyone and get fireworks. I can take or leave Rafe (mostly leave), but if it gets Kate laid and leads to the kind of ripple effect that this should, I can handle him. And how do you think Sami is going to react? Quietly and rationally, I presume.

Seriously, I love these curveballs that mix up the canvas in a new way — like Maggie and Victor getting involved, or bringing Nick into this young adult set, or Kristen and Brady hooking up. I never saw this coming and I have no idea where it’s headed, but I’m very interested.

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2 Comments on “An Illicit Valentine’s Romp”

  1. Jayme Says:

    I saw the caption ‘RAFE SLEEPS WITH KATE!” on the cover of Soap Opera Digest, but I didn’t read how it was going to play out. I just kinda rolled my eyes at the thought of it. It felt a little too random. But when I watched the episode and realized they just got really wasted together and banged it out (on the stairs!! Did i hear that right??) until they passed out, I thought, ‘Works for me!’

    And I like Rafe in those scenes too! It gives him some edge because up until this point i pretty much forgot he had a penis.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I wasn’t sold on Rafe doing it with her again in the morning, but then I remembered how he was basically ready to break up his marriage to be with Carrie after the AC went out one time, so… it actually kinda fits.

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