And the “Winner” is…

Who’s having the Worst Month Ever? Parker Jonas, come on down!

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 8.51.36 PM

In the past month, this kid has:

  • Had to say goodbye to the only father he’s ever known.
  • Been forced to spend time with an orange stranger.
  • Had his last name magically changed again.
  • Been left alone in the Kiriakis living room for hours on end to play with toys from the 80s.
  • Been hospitalized with a fever of 105 degrees (!!!).
  • Possibly been poisoned by Anne. (I know Kayla said it was a virus, but how weird was that random scene of Anne carrying around that ‘poison’ or whatever she wanted to use on Jennifer? Was she just going to give her diarrhea or something?)
  • Continued to be the child of Chloe Lane.

Someone give this little guy a vacation to Downtown Europe, stat!

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9 Comments on “And the “Winner” is…”

  1. UnderYourWing Says:

    can they NOT find a kid who acts like a real kid to play this kid?? and actually SPEAKS anything of any length at any time or makes ANY sounds? other than using that annoying recording they always use of babies crying or in this case this mute kid saying “DADDY” one time.
    at the least he is now somewhat making actual eye contact with people who talk to him rather than looking at probably his real mother off camera….
    the baby they had play him as a baby ONLY constantly looked UP overhead at probably the lights Any time you saw chole carrying him around in her arms which was ridiculous…..

  2. kathyj Says:

    But he gets to spend quality time with Victor — that makes up for all the negatives. What an education!

  3. Alana Says:

    Poor Parker. At least now Chloe won’t have to explain to him that he is named after her ex’s mom for some reason. So that worked out.

    I am starting to seriously wonder if they give the kids some sort of sedative. Parker and Sydney both seem just way calm and kind of out of it. Just sayin. At least the twins who play Johnny are rockin it. I see those kids everywhere (commercials, bit parts, etc.)

    • mykleraus Says:

      Johnny and the original (baby) Sydney are the only kids who ever show signs of life. I tend to shy away from criticizing kids who didn’t even choose to be on camera like this, but I feel like they shoot them with tranquilizer darts and plop them on the set. I remember the baby/toddler Will in the 90s being a complete zombie, to the point I thought we were supposed to think Will had a developmental issue.

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